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How To Spell loneliness?

Correct spelling: loneliness

Definition of loneliness:

  1. The condition of being lonely; solitude; seclusion.

List of misspellings for loneliness:

  • lonilness,
  • lonrliness,
  • lonelimess,
  • lonline,
  • lonelinesss,
  • lonelinezs,
  • cleanleness,
  • lonelinsss,
  • loneyness,
  • lonelyness,
  • fluorquinolones,
  • finelines,
  • lonleiness,
  • landlines,
  • lonelieness,
  • liconln's,
  • loneloness,
  • lonlines,
  • onliness,
  • lonekiness,
  • poneliness,
  • lonelijess,
  • lonlinessess,
  • loneljness,
  • loniless,
  • lonleyness,
  • lonel8ness,
  • l0neliness,
  • lonelyiness,
  • loneliss,
  • londliness,
  • loneluness,
  • lonilyness,
  • loneless,
  • loneleness,
  • cleanlyness,
  • lonelin4ss,
  • lonileness,
  • loniness,
  • lonelinesses,
  • lonelineas,
  • lonelindss,
  • loheliness,
  • loliness,
  • clenleyness,
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  • loneliess.

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A Saucer of Loneliness


Short story by Theodore Sturgeon

"A Saucer of Loneliness" is a short story by American writer Theodore Sturgeon that first appeared in Galaxy Science Fiction n. 27.

Loneliness Road


Album by Bobby Previte, Jamie Saft, and Steve Swal

Loneliness Road is an album by keyboardist Jamie Saft, bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Bobby Previte with vocals by Iggy Pop featured on three tracks which was released on the RareNoise label in 2017.

Perfecting Loneliness


Album by Jets to Brazil

Perfecting Loneliness is the third and final album by American indie band Jets to Brazil, released October 15, 2002 on Jade Tree Records.

The Long Loneliness


Book by Dorothy Day

The Long Loneliness is the autobiography of Dorothy Day, published in 1952 by Harper & Brothers. In the book, Day chronicles her involvement in socialist groups along with her eventual conversion to Catholicism in 1927, and the beginning of her newspaper the Catholic Worker in 1933.

The Wizard of Loneliness


1988 film

The Wizard of Loneliness is a 1988 American drama film based on the 1966 book of the same name by John Nichols. It is notable for being the first film that David Moscow was cast in.

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Quotes for loneliness:

  1. The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness.
  2. Loneliness is never more cruel than when it is felt in close propinquity with someone who has ceased to communicate.
  3. What makes loneliness an anguish is not that I have no one to share my burden, but this: I have only my own burden to bear.
  4. A woman who is willing to be herself and pursue her own potential runs not so much the risk of loneliness, as the challenge of exposure to more interesting men- and people in general.
  5. Loneliness is and always has been the central and inevitable experience of every man.

Translations for loneliness:

Afrikaans word for Loneliness


Arabic word for Loneliness


Bengali word for Loneliness


Dutch word for Loneliness


French word for Loneliness


German word for Loneliness


Hindi word for Loneliness


Italian word for Loneliness


Japanese words for Loneliness

孤独, 寂寥, 独りぼっち, 一人ぼっち, ひとりぽっち, ひとりぼっち, ロンリネス, 独り法師, 独りぽっち, 一人ぽっち, 寂りょう.

Javanese word for Loneliness


Korean word for Loneliness


Malay word for Loneliness


Norwegian word for Loneliness


Spanish words for Loneliness

aislamiento, soledad.

Swedish word for Loneliness


Vietnamese word for Loneliness

sự cô đơn.