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How To Spell married?

Correct spelling: married

Definition of married:

  1. United in wedlock.

List of misspellings for married:

  • maturied,
  • magrittee,
  • mirorred,
  • myraid,
  • marriede,
  • mirred,
  • mirriored,
  • marier,
  • merrirer,
  • marrried,
  • mirrirod,
  • merrit,
  • marrietta,
  • meriad,
  • marraiged,
  • amrred,
  • modired,
  • marrital,
  • earred,
  • mirroered,
  • morbide,
  • matrade,
  • maority,
  • mariee,
  • barried,
  • mdrid,
  • makred,
  • marriead,
  • marriahe,
  • marriued,
  • marrieage,
  • majoried,
  • marriae,
  • remarryed,
  • mrried,
  • marriege,
  • marriered,
  • muriad,
  • mnarried,
  • mirid,
  • merrited,
  • marrieds,
  • marit,
  • mureded,
  • marekd,
  • mardrid,
  • amrried,
  • marurity,
  • mirrowed,
  • meried,
  • marrauige,
  • marret,
  • morfied,
  • mirroed,
  • mareid,
  • maurader,
  • meride,
  • marriaeg,
  • rried,
  • meaured,
  • marite,
  • mariied,
  • marryer,
  • miarrige,
  • aried,
  • merried,
  • marrige,
  • murrderd,
  • msrried,
  • marrgie,
  • marriow,
  • maread,
  • murrmed,
  • morred,
  • mured,
  • carreied,
  • measrued,
  • maruder,
  • marriade,
  • marriot,
  • umarried,
  • marrket,
  • maroity,
  • measred,
  • mannerred,
  • variued,
  • maratime,
  • varried,
  • narried,
  • morrie,
  • murred,
  • merryier,
  • marrie,
  • marraied,
  • march23rd,
  • maret,
  • marriad,
  • carride,
  • marrott,
  • marrege.

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American television series

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1929 film

Married in Hollywood is an American musical film. The only footage known to survive is the final reel, filmed in Multicolor, held by the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

Married to the Enemy


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Slappily Married


1946 film

Slappily Married is an American short subject by Columbia Pictures, released on November 7, 1946. The short was directed by Edward Bernds and stars Joe DeRita, who later joined the Three Stooges and became "Curly Joe" DeRita, and features Christine McIntyre, Dorothy Granger and Dick Wessel.

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This graph shows how "married" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for married:

  1. Instead of getting married again, I'm going to find a woman I don't like and give her a house.
  2. Meanwhile I married and I adopted three kids who were all from one family and then later I was divorced.
  3. I love actors. I married one. OK, I married a fantastic one.
  4. It's funny that until I actually met my husband, I never thought I'd get married.
  5. The greatest good fortune of my return to Cambridge in 1946 was that there, in the spring, I met Elizabeth Fay Ringo. We were married a few months later.

Rhymes for married:

  1. harried, buried, parried, ferried, varied;
  2. unmarried, remarried;

Translations for married:

Afrikaans word for Married


Arabic word for Married


Bengali word for Married


Chinese word for Married


Dutch words for Married

getrouwd, gehuwd.

French words for Married

mariés, mariées.

German words for Married

uni, ehelich, Gift, verheiratet, geheiratet, verehelicht.

Greek word for Married


Hindi word for Married

शादी की.

Italian word for Married


Japanese word for Married


Javanese word for Married


Korean word for Married


Malay word for Married


Polish word for Married


Portuguese words for Married

conjugal, conjugais.

Russian word for Married


Spanish words for Married

casado, conyugal.

Turkish word for Married


Ukrainian word for Married


Vietnamese word for Married

đã kết hôn.