How To Spell Maurice?

Correct spelling: Maurice


dark-skinned, Moorish
Maurice as a boy's name is pronounced maw-REESE. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Maurice is "dark-skinned, Moorish". Also possibly an anglicized form of Muirgheas (Irish, Gaelic) "seafarer" and ultimately derive from the Phoenician term "mauharim", meaning "easterner". Roman name introduced to Britain by the Normans and commonly used into the 17th century. Saint Maurus (sixth century) was a French saint. Mauricio is a Spanish form; Mauro is Italian and Portuguese. See also Merrick. Actor Maurice Chevalier; writer Maurice Sendak; composer Maurice Ravel.

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What are the usage examples for Maurice?

  1. It was Maurice who answered her. – Prince Fortunatus by William Black
  2. Can you tell me, Maurice – Prince Fortunatus by William Black

What are the rhymes for Maurice?

  1. seis, greece, suisse, speece, neiss, peace, leece, cease, tese, feasts, fleece, piece, leese, reese, geese, gees, rease, priests, pease, reece, niece, crease, grease, cece, nice, lease;
  2. horus, luis, markese, patrice, maryse, maurus, obese, chorus, devries, elise, sorus, denice, decease, bernice, police, audris, aris, edris, decrease, clarice, matisse, taurus, apiece, horace, torus, caprice, felice, increase, tunis, denise, cerise, florists, morris, forests, porous, release;
  3. delores, thesaurus, dolores;
  4. stegosaurus, brontosaurus, vietnamese;
  5. tyrannosaurus;

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