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Mc \mc\

Mc- as a boy's name is pronounced mak. It is of Scottish and Irish origin. Surnames occasionally used as given names.
Mack, Mick.
Mac, McCain, McClain, McCoy, McKay, McKinley, McCarthy, McArthur, McCormick, McCaulay, McKade.

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Examples of usage for mc:

  1. He would be at table with his daughter when I arrived, and the interview would pass somewhat in this wise: Herr Oppovich would take the book from my hands without a word or even a look at me, and the Fraulein, with a gentle bend of the head, but without the faintest show of more intimate greeting, would acknowledge mc. "That Boy Of Norcott's" , Charles James Lever.
  2. Ben Mc- Culloch's Arkansas column with the hosts Gen. "The Struggle for Missouri" , John McElroy.
  3. It seems difficult to understand why, if the enemy " retreated in great confusion," as reported by Mc- Culloch and Price, the several thousand horsemen who did little or nothing during the battle were not let loose to complete the ruin of the Union forces. "The Struggle for Missouri" , John McElroy.

Quotes for mc:

  1. But I had two very special people who helped to take my style to the next level. Thank God for my first MC Cowboy and my first student Grand Wizard Theodore, and to go out after creating this art form and finding everyone jamming to it- that too was pretty scary. - Grandmaster Flash
  2. You know, I'm the 1st black solo MC from Detroit. I didn't do the 50 Cent sales but hey... I got a long career, I'm still young and I'm trying to bring really good music. - Obie Trice

Rhymes for mc:

  1. ab, andree, apc, appointee, atp, b, banshee, bbc, be, bea, bee, bibi, bic, blea, bourgeoisie, brea, bree, bric, brick, brie, bt, bui, c, c3, cac, capri, cat-3, cc, cd, chablis, chea, chee, chick, cie, click, cod, conferee, crea, cree, crick, curie, cwik, cxc, cyb, d, ddt, de, dea, debris, decree, dee, degree, deportee, designee, detainee, devotee, dic, dick, disagree, draftee, dsv, dundee, dupree, dyk, eap, ee, emcee, enlistee, enrollee, escapee, esprit, fee, fi, flea, flee, flick, fop, foresee, franchisee, free, frick, fsi, g, ged, gee, ghee, glee, glick, goatee, guarani, guarantee, guaranty, gutsy, gyi, he, hee, henri, hick, honoree, ib, id, indri, inductee, internee, ip, jaycee, je, jee, jessee, ji, jie, jubilee, kea, kee, key, khe, ki, kick, klee, klick, knee, knick, kyi, lavie, lea, lee, leigh, lessee, li, licensee, lick, loree, louie, lp, lsd, lxi, m3, magee, marie, markee, marquee, marquis, mcgee, mcghee, me, mea, mee, mi, mic, mick, mit, mme, mpg, mt, musee, nabil, ne, nee, nestle, nghi, nic, nick, nie, nik, njt, nominee, oad, odp, ofc, ot, oversea, p, parolee, pattee, pawnee, pea, pic, pick, pik, plea, potpourri, pree, pri, prix, qi, quai, quay, qui, quick, quik, ranee, ravi, rb, re, rea, ree, referee, repartee, resignee, retiree, ric, rick, rosalee, rosemarie, rupee, schick, schtick, sci, se, sea, see, sep, she, sheree, shi, shick, shri, shtick, si, sic, sick, sie, sightsee, ski, slee, slick, smee, snee, spie, spree, sri, stick, strick, syp, sze, t, te, tea, tee, tenn, tennessee, the, thee, thi, thick, thierry, three, ti, tic, tick, trainee, tree, trick, trustee, tse, tv, tyree, undersea, v, valoree, ve, vee, vendee, vi, vic, vick, vik, waikiki, we, wee, whoopee, wick, wicke, wik, wyk, xi, xie, yangtze, ye, yee, yi, yie, yippee, z, ze, zea, zee.
  2. abee, ac, achee, adee, agree, albee, alee, handpick, nonstick.
  3. absentee, abt, addressee, adoptee, adoree, amc, amputee.
  4. awb.
  5. geac, hnat, interviewee, irit, knbc, lapd, realpolitik.
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