Correct spelling for FIWSHING

We think the word fiwshing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for fiwshing

  • Fetching(Definition of fetching)
  • He saw the humor of anything at a glance, and his manner of relating these laughter-provoking absurdities is original and "fetching."

  • Washing(Definition of washing)
  • I found that his outfit was the result of a long experience, and in the main hardly to be improved on, unless by washing and an extra shirt.

  • Fishing(Definition of fishing)
  • "i think he's just fishing at the moment.

  • Filching
  • Yffim beg gazed for a long time with the indifference of a connoisseur, but even his face relaxed at last, and smilingly tapping the merchant on the shoulder, he said to him: "you have been filching from paradise, haji baba!"

  • Fashion(Definition of fashion)
  • When she comes home again, a thousand ways i fashion to myself the tenderness of my glad welcome.

  • Fission(Definition of fission)
  • We have seen how wright in 1750 initiated a theory of evolution, not only of the solar system, but of all the stars and nebulae as well; how kant in 1752 by elaborating this theory sought to develop the details of evolution of the solar system on the basis of the newtonian law, though weakened, as we know, by serious errors in applying physical laws; how laplace in 1796 put forward his nebular hypothesis of origin and development of the solar system, by contraction from an original gaseous nebula in accord with the newtonian law; how sir william herschel in 1810 saw in all nebulae merely the stuff that stars are made of; how lord rosse in 1845 discovered spiral nebulae; how helmholtz in 1854 put forward his contraction theory of maintenance of the solar heat, seemingly reinforcing the laplacian theory; how lane in 1870 proved that a contracting gaseous star might rise in temperature; how roche in 1873 in attempting to modify the laplacian hypothesis, pointed out the conditions under which a satellite would be broken up by tidal strains; how darwin in 1879 showed that the theory of tidal evolution of non-rigid bodies might account for the formation of the moon, and binary stars might originate by fission; how keeler in 1900 discovered the vast numbers of spiral nebulae; how chamberlin and moulton in 1903 put forward the planetesimal hypothesis of formation of the spiral nebulae, showing also how that hypothesis might account for the evolution of the solar system; and how jeans in 1916 advocated the median ground in evolution of the arms of the spiral nebulae, showing that they will break up into nuclei, if sufficiently massive.

  • Phishing
  • As online transaction volumes increase, new methods for hijacking identities for credit card fraud include phishing and the use of spyware and botnets.

  • Flashing(Definition of flashing)
  • In the midst of it something bright was flashing in the sunlight.

  • Flushing(Definition of Flushing)
  • "i am not afraid," responded eleanor, flushing at grace's words, "but i know i should never have displayed the courage that you have.

  • Famishing(Definition of Famishing)
  • That fast-filling hat meant nourishing beef occasionally, a few books for the minister's famishing mind, a new dress or two for the wife, and a warm suit for the children all round.

  • Dishing(Definition of Dishing)
  • Make the meringue and grate the macaroons before dishing the ice cream.

  • Fleshing(Definition of Fleshing)
  • It is a rather delicate operation, requiring considerable experience and dexterity on the part of the worker, for it is exceedingly easy to cut into the skin and damage the fur. a fleshing knife of the type commonly used is shown in fig. 6. it consists of a sharp blade fastened at a slight angle from the vertical, with the cutting edge away from the workman, who straddles the bench, and by drawing the skins back and forth across the edge of the blade, removes all flesh and fat, leaving the corium free and clean.

  • Finishing(Definition of finishing)
  • I am just about finishing it.

  • Wishing(Definition of wishing)
  • Not wishing to hold converse with the fellow, i filled the glass, and then, flinging him a crown, bade him drink the rest of the bottle for good luck.