How To Spell fishing?

Correct spelling: fishing

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What is the definition of fishing?

  1. The act, practice, or art of one who fishes.

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What are the rhymes for fishing?

  1. wishing, dishing;

What are the translations for fishing?

Afrikaans word for Fishing


Arabic word for Fishing

صَيْدُ السَّمَك.

Bengali word for Fishing

মাছ ধরা.

Chinese word for Fishing


Dutch words for Fishing

visserij, bevissing, visvangst.

German word for Fishing


Hindi word for Fishing

मछली पकड़ने.

Japanese words for Fishing

釣り, フィッシング, 魚釣り, 釣, 漁労, 魚つり, 漁撈, 魚釣, あさり, さかなつり, うおつり, 釣魚, いおつり, ちょうぎょ, ぎょろう, 漁業.

Javanese word for Fishing


Malay word for Fishing


Romanian word for Fishing


Spanish words for Fishing

captura, pesca, de pesca, pesquero, de pescadores.

Turkish words for Fishing

fiske, Balık tutma.

Vietnamese word for Fishing

nghề đánh cá.