Correct spelling for UNUSION

We think the word unusion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for unusion

  • Incision
  • The feathers over this region should be removed, and the skin pulled to one side before making the incision.

  • Anion(Definition of anion)
  • Early in the previous morning bek-en-chunsu, the old high-priest of the temple of anion had pronounced her clean, but in the evening he had come to communicate to her the intelligence that ameni prohibited her entering the necropolis before she had obtained the forgiveness of the gods of the west for her offence.

  • Infusion(Definition of infusion)
  • The leaves are employed in making the infusion, 8 grams to 200 of boiling water.

  • Envision
  • Knowing the general routine each woman would perform, cade could envision them strutting from the wings to model their outfits by turning around once, then moving across the stage to make room for the next contestant.

  • Unction(Definition of unction)
  • Many a time in the winter months, when out visiting divisional headquarters, did i, in the shameful luxury of my car, come across a battalion slogging along ruddy and cheerful in the mud, and singing with almost reproachful unction: last night i s-s-aw you, i s-saw you, you naughty boy!

  • Invasion(Definition of invasion)
  • There had been no actual or threatened invasion by the chinamen, of the rights of persons, or of property, or of personal security.

  • Incursion(Definition of incursion)
  • Everyone at the allied headquarters knew that schwarzenberg was unequal to the load of responsibility thrust on him, that the incursion of a band of alsatian peasants on his convoys made him nervous, and that he would not move on paris as long as his "communications were exposed to a movement by chalons and vitry."

  • Nation(Definition of nation)
  • The englishman who visits america for pleasure, and enjoys the inexhaustible hospitality of new york, boston, and washington, must be careful not to imagine that he gets really in touch with the sentiment of the american nation.

  • Notion(Definition of notion)
  • I have explained usque ad nauseam, and will henceforth explain no longer, that natural selection is no "distinctive notion" of mr. darwin's.

  • Unshorn(Definition of unshorn)
  • For me, truly, nothing remained but to indemnify the man; and then, contrary to my usual principles, to tie round a broad stuffed cravat, by way of cloak to what remained unshorn.

  • Unchain(Definition of unchain)
  • I will go to the stables, unchain the truffle-hounds, and show them one of his reversible cuffs.

  • Onion(Definition of onion)
  • If you carefully block up your nostrils with cotton or wax, so that no air can possibly reach the smell region at the top of them, and blindfold your eyes, and have some one cut a raw potato, an apple, and a raw onion into little pieces of the same size and shape, and put them into your mouth one after the other, you will find that it is difficult to tell which is which.

  • Pension(Definition of pension)
  • You know the great hotel, or pension, near the seelisberg, that looks down on lucerne lake, straight over to where tell shot the arrow?

  • Unpin(Definition of unpin)
  • Prithee begin, don't delay but unpin, for my humour i cannot prevent it; you are so streight lac'd, and your top-knot so fast, undo it, or i straitway will rent it: or to end all the strife, i'll cut it with a knife, 'tis too long to stay 'till it's undone; let thy wast be unlac'd, and in hast be embrac'd, for i long to make bold with my own.

  • Mansion(Definition of mansion)
  • On the next corner stood the large frame mansion of charles crocker, one of the builders of the c. p. r. r., built at an expense of $2,500,000. his son william h. built himself a home on the far corner of the same block.

  • Unison(Definition of unison)
  • He advised me to take a turn in the fresh ayr, though but as far as the two junipers, before i entered robin's chamber, which, somewhat reluctantlie, i did; but the bright daylight and warm sun had no good effect on my spiritts: on the contrarie, nothing in blythe nature seeming in unison with my sadnesse, tears flowed without relieving me.

  • Union(Definition of union)
  • An' muckle guid bluid frae that union has flowed, an' mony a brave fellow, an' mony a brave feat; i darena just say they are a' muckle mou'd, but they rather have still a guid luck for their meat.

  • Tension(Definition of tension)
  • This time the tension increases an hundredfold; every nerve is strained; every muscle ready.