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Correct spelling: numerous


Definition of numerous:

  1. Consisting of a great number; melodious.

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This graph shows how "numerous" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for numerous:

  1. But there are handsome houses in Amesbury, and these are growing more numerous every year.
  2. Not numerous merely, but almost numberless, have been the causes brought to issue, and in every one of them I rejoice to think that, so far as my knowledge goes, Scotland has done battle for the right.
  3. Numerous and startling events had taken place since we sailed from Scilly.

Quotes for numerous:

  1. The Internet is not just one thing, it's a collection of things- of numerous communications networks that all speak the same digital language. - Jim Clark
  2. Our employers today face numerous challenges and stiff competition from businesses all over the world. - Jim Gerlach
  3. We were ordered out to quell an uprising of the Indians, and were out for several days, had numerous skirmishes during which six of the soldiers were killed and several severely wounded. - Calamity Jane
  4. I have numerous people who have expressed a willingness to be plaintiffs. - Michael Newdow
  5. On September 11, the murders of World Trade Center employees and visitors took the lives of numerous nationalities, ethnic groups and religious followers. - Cliff Stearns

Rhymes for numerous:

  1. humerus, humorous.
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