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colossus, large, leviathan, behemoth, big, giant, monster, jumbo, mammoth, titan, whale, whopper.

Usage examples for midget:

  1. In order that we shall not cause any suspicion, Bert, said Harry, presently, you go and get the Midget and stroll forward. - "A Voyage with Captain Dynamite", Charles Edward Rich.
  2. I wondered how such a midget could ever be fed, but found, as in the case of the hummer under the little lover's tree, that the mother gave its food most gently, reserving her violent pumping for a more suitable age; though one would as soon think of poking a needle down a baby's throat as that bill. - "A-Birding on a Bronco", Florence A. Merriam.
  3. You'll have plenty of time to get dried off, before we get there, Eleanor, so don't look so unhappy, you poor little midget. - "A Sweet Little Maid", Amy E. Blanchard.