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How To Spell paul?

Correct spelling: paul

List of misspellings for paul:

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  • uaualy,
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What does the abbreviation paul mean?


Paul as a boy's name is pronounced pahl. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Paul is "small". Popular Roman and medieval name used commonly since the 18th century. Biblical: the apostle evangelist. Paul's letters to early Christians form the majority of the books of the New Testament. The name is also borne by Sir Paul McCartney and the pope who headed Vatican II. Pablo is a Spanish form; Paolo is Italian; Paulino, Paulo are Portuguese; Pal, Poul are Scandinavian; Pauel is Latin; Paulus is Slavic; Pavlik, Pavlo are Russian; Pavel is English; Paulson is Dutch, Scandinavian. Artists Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin; actors Paul Newman, Paul Bettany; Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere; musician Paul Simon; hockey player Pavel Bure.

Related words for paul

Amala Paul


Indian film actress

Amala Paul is an Indian film actress who works in the South Indian Film Industry. After appearing in supporting roles in the Malayalam film Neelathamara and Veerasekaran in Tamil, she received critical acclaim for the portrayal of a controversial character in the film Sindhu Samaveli.

Paul Casey


English golfer

Paul Alexander Casey is an English golfer who is a member of the US-based PGA Tour. In 2009 he achieved his highest position, third, in the Official World Golf Ranking.

Paul Finebaum


American author

Paul Alan Finebaum is an American sports author, television and radio personality, and former columnist. His primary focus is sports, particularly those in the Southeast.

Paul Merson


Soccer player

Paul Charles Merson is an English former professional footballer and manager, turned football television pundit. Originally a forward, Merson found success as an attacking midfielder and playmaker later in his career.

Paul Posluszny


Football linebacker

Paul Michael Posluszny is a former American football linebacker who played 11 seasons in the National Football League. He played college football for Penn State University, earned consensus All-American honors twice, and was chosen by the Buffalo Bills in the second round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

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Rhymes for paul:

  1. hall, rawl, paule, gall, shaul, shawl, tall, krol, call, small, stall, faul, aul, maul, wal, bawl, all, nall, squall, spall, sall, thall, drawl, haul, thrall, ball, crawl, lall, maule, gaul, scrawl, pol, wall, awl, raul, dall, mall, saul, brawl, mol, sprawl;
  2. forestall, withal, recall, nepal, mccall, antol, befall, appall, metall, install, enthral;
  3. montreal, senegal, luminol;

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