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How To Spell pale?

Correct spelling: pale

What are the misspellings for pale ?

  • plaqu,
  • posole,
  • pplz,
  • pepale,
  • palne,
  • peploe,
  • 1page,
  • pepley,
  • paln,
  • saleh,
  • pilio,
  • piull,
  • peopale,
  • palse,
  • pple,
  • paula'a,
  • pacel,
  • aplle,
  • podle,
  • ssale,
  • pallow,
  • plual,
  • parcle,
  • padle,
  • porfile,
  • palaet,
  • kalie,
  • pople,
  • pade,
  • pake,
  • parble,
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  • plave,
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  • pahe,
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  • pealer,
  • palour,
  • poler,
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  • parel,
  • playy,
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  • page5,
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  • peoaple.

What is the definition of pale?

  1. a wooden strip forming part of a fence

What does the abbreviation pale mean?

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What are the rhymes for pale?

  1. grail, frail, calle, sale, haile, jail, gaile, stale, flail, vale, mail, bale, hail, gael, kale, cale, gail, quale, maile, tale, pail, raile, vail, braille, yale, wail, salle, snail, ail, male, hale, gale, nale, cail, dail, tail, bail, kael, rael, nail, gayle, reil, vaile, ale, dayle, sail, whale, balle, kail, quail, daile, shale, wale, dale, they'll, trail, zale, fail, scale, veil, rail, crail;
  2. detail, carvell, travail, derail, avail, cadell, jarrell, prevail, marcell, dorrell, mikael, tirrell, levell, carrell, cardell, verrell, entail, ancell, curtail, surveil, unveil, gorrell, capell, mikhail, impale, bewail, exhale, lavell, inhale, jerrell, assail;
  3. averell, deverell, avenell;

What are the translations for pale?

Afrikaans words for Pale

minderwaardig, verbleekt.

Arabic word for Pale


Chinese word for Pale


Dutch words for Pale

bleek, bleek worden, zwak, omheinen, vaal, verbleken, flets.

French words for Pale

tenue, pâle, blafard, pal, pâles, blanche, blanches, blafarde, blême, livide, livides, hâve.

German words for Pale

verblassen, matt, Latte, Pfahl, licht, blass, Staket, fahl, bleich, erblassen, blass werden, Zaunpfahl, wächsern, farblos, Stakete.

Greek word for Pale


Italian words for Pale

pallido, chiaro, pallida, chiare.

Japanese words for Pale

淡い, 薄い, ペール, 青白い, 血の気がない, そうはくしょく, ちのけのない, あおじろい, 血の気の無い, 血の気が無い, 蒼白, なまじろい, 青じろい, 白白, そうはく, 血の気のない, ちのけがない, しらしら, 蒼白色, 蒼白い, 生白い, なまっちろい, パレットナイフ, しらじら, 白々.

Javanese word for Pale


Malay word for Pale


Norwegian word for Pale


Polish words for Pale

jasny, blady.

Portuguese words for Pale

claro, claras, fraco, pálido, empalidecer, descorado, esquálido, desbotado.

Russian words for Pale

бледный, забор, неяркий, блёклый.

Spanish words for Pale

blanco, suave, pálido, palidecer, blanquecino.

Turkish word for Pale


Ukrainian word for Pale


Vietnamese word for Pale

tái nhợt.