How To Spell pawnee?

Correct spelling: pawnee

What is the definition of pawnee?

  1. the Caddoan language spoken by the Pawnee people


Native American Indian
Pawnee as a boy's name is of Native American Indian origin. Name of a Plains tribe who were excellent horsemen. Their main enemies were the Sioux and Wichita tribes.

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What are the rhymes for pawnee?

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What are the translations for pawnee?

Arabic word for Pawnee


Bengali word for Pawnee


Chinese word for Pawnee


Japanese word for Pawnee


Korean word for Pawnee


Spanish word for Pawnee


Turkish word for Pawnee

rehin karşılığı borç veren kimse.

Ukrainian word for Pawnee


Vietnamese word for Pawnee

người cho vay thế đồ.