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How To Spell pawnee?

Correct spelling: pawnee

Definition of pawnee:

  1. the Caddoan language spoken by the Pawnee people

List of misspellings for pawnee:

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Native American Indian
Pawnee as a boy's name is of Native American Indian origin. Name of a Plains tribe who were excellent horsemen. Their main enemies were the Sioux and Wichita tribes.

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Camp on Pawnee Fork


The Camp on Pawnee Fork, later renamed Camp Alert, was founded by the U.S. Army to protect a mail station being built at a site called Pawnee Fork.

Pawnee Creek Beds


Geological formation

The Pawnee Creek Beds is a geologic formation in Colorado. It preserves fossils dating back to the Neogene period.

Pawnee Township, Platte County, Missouri


Township in Missouri

Pawnee Township is a township in Platte County, in the U.S. state of Missouri.

USS Pawnee (SP-699)


USS Pawnee (SP-699), later USS SP-699, formerly named Monoloa II, a wooden-hulled yacht, was built in 1904 by George Lawley & Son, Neponset, Massachusetts; purchased by the Navy on 26 June 1917 from Gordon Dexter of Beverly, Massachusetts; and commissioned on 1 July 1917.

USS Pawnee (YT-21)


USS Pawnee (YT-21) was a yard tug in the United States Navy. Pawnee was built in 1896 by Rodermund & Co., Tomkins Cove, New York, as the steam lighter John Dwight; purchased by the Navy on 6 May 1898 from George T. Moon, and commissioned the same day.

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Quotes for pawnee:

  1. The Pawnee chief had left the village the day after the doctor arrived, with 50 or 60 horses and many people, and had taken his course to the north of our route.

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Translations for pawnee:

Arabic word for Pawnee


Bengali word for Pawnee


Chinese word for Pawnee


Japanese word for Pawnee


Korean word for Pawnee


Spanish word for Pawnee


Turkish word for Pawnee

rehin karşılığı borç veren kimse.

Ukrainian word for Pawnee


Vietnamese word for Pawnee

người cho vay thế đồ.