How To Spell perhaps?

Correct spelling: perhaps

What is the definition of perhaps?

  1. By chance; peradventure; perchance; it may be.

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What are the usage examples for perhaps?

  1. Perhaps Well, I would look and see. – Ways of Wood Folk by William J. Long
  2. " Yes, perhaps he said. – Afoot in England by W.H. Hudson

What are the rhymes for perhaps?

  1. scraps, saps, schnapps, taps, zaps, snaps, chaps, kaps, capps, maps, japs, straps, claps, gaps, apps, apse, naps, wraps, flaps, yaps, lapse, craps, caps, traps, raps, slaps, lapps, laps;
  2. elapse, relapse, collapse;

What are the translations for perhaps?

Afrikaans word for Perhaps


Arabic word for Perhaps


Chinese words for Perhaps

兴许, 莫不是.

Dutch words for Perhaps

soms, waarschijnlijk, mogelijk, eventueel, misschien, wellicht, vermoedelijk, mogelijkerwijs.

French words for Perhaps

probablement, possiblement, voire.

German words for Perhaps

wohl, eventuell, etwa, vielleicht, möglicherweise, gegebenenfalls, unter Umständen.

Greek word for Perhaps


Japanese words for Perhaps

おそらく, かもしれません, 多分, 恐らく, かも知れません, もしかすると, もしや, もしかし, もしかして, かもしれん, 若しかして, 若しかすると, ひょっとすると, おおかた, かも知れない, 若しや, ひょっとしたら, 若しかしたら, ことにすると, けだし, やもしれぬ, かも, やも知れぬ, 事にすると, 蓋し, ひょっと, 大方, ことによると.

Javanese word for Perhaps

Mbok menawa.

Malay word for Perhaps


Norwegian word for Perhaps


Polish word for Perhaps


Portuguese words for Perhaps

talvez, acaso, possivelmente, quiçá, porventura.

Romanian word for Perhaps


Spanish words for Perhaps

igual, tal vez, quizá, quizás, a lo mejor, eventualmente, lo mismo.

Swedish words for Perhaps

förse, kanske.