How To Spell programming?

Correct spelling: programming

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What are the usage examples for programming?

  1. The feelings were unadulterated neediness because of his adultery- the jealous biological programming of a woman. – Corpus of a Siam Mosquito by Steven Sills

What are the rhymes for programming?

  1. programing;
  2. reprogramming;

What are the translations for programming?

Arabic word for Programming


Bengali word for Programming


Chinese word for Programming


Dutch words for Programming

ontwikkeling, programmering.

French words for Programming

planification, programmation, paramétrage.

German words for Programming

Programmierung, programmieren, Programmgestaltung.

Greek word for Programming


Italian words for Programming

programma, programmazione, palinsesto.

Japanese word for Programming


Malay word for Programming


Polish words for Programming

program, programowanie.

Romanian word for Programming


Spanish word for Programming

de programación.

Tamil word for Programming


Turkish word for Programming


Vietnamese word for Programming

việc lập trình.