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How To Spell quay?

Correct spelling: quay

List of misspellings for quay:

  • quaggy,
  • quale,
  • guady,
  • queary,
  • dday,
  • muah,
  • quaily,
  • guac,
  • quata,
  • cuvy,
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Related words for quay

Chester and Connah's Quay Railway


The Chester & Connah's Quay Railway ran from Chester Northgate in Chester, Cheshire, England to Shotton, Flintshire, Wales. It was in use for its full length from 1890 to 1992. At Dee Marsh Junction it connected with the North Wales and Liverpool Railway.

Connah's Quay railway station


Railway station

Connah's Quay railway station was a railway station located to the north of Connah's Quay, Flintshire, Wales on the south bank of the canalised section of the River Dee.

Donald's Quay


Donald's Quay was once the location of the northern terminus of the Erskine Ferry then run by Lord Blantyre of Erskine House that provided foot passengers with a crossing of the River Clyde, giving direct access between Dunbartonshire and Renfrewshire.

Roberts-Quay House


Building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Roberts-Quay House is a historic home located in the Washington Square West neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The original section was built about 1850, and expanded in 1889, 1906, 1921, and 1928.

St Mark's Church, Connah's Quay


Church in Connah's Quay, Wales

St Mark's Church, Connah's Quay is in the town of Connah's Quay, Flintshire, Wales. It is an active Anglican church in the deanery of Hawarden, the archdeaconry of Wrexham and the diocese of St Asaph.

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Rhymes for quay:

  1. honoree, jaye, gee, mc, de, he, kee, jaycee, cyb, c, waikiki, sea, shay, fray, c3, enlistee, plea, weigh, potpourri, ca, ae, tray, shri, rey, fi, way, mt, ib, pray, pri, d, brey, rb, yie, fop, xi, mpg, they, ney, nej, licensee, lee, repartee, pea, be, spree, detainee, sway, lsd, guaranty, tenn, ve, wy, t, enrollee, haye, yea, may, rae, ye, oad, zea, xie, k, retiree, play, ze, pawnee, drey, tennessee, g, gyi, kea, klay, dray, frey, sightsee, nghi, see, trey, bourgeoisie, cd, nay, prey, ti, resignee, ray, neigh, bibi, ree, gutsy, henri, lei, yangtze, referee, conferee, tae, te, waye, tee, whey, internee, wei, lessee, ji, sleigh, ravi, kay, wray, re, flee, p, andree, stray, ab, yi, bay, cac, tse, jessee, si, tea, dea, qui, z, mae, banshee, goatee, pay, key, zee, cay, yay, curie, thee, foresee, bt, bree, devotee, se, disagree, undersea, marquee, leigh, snee, mi, glee, odp, njt, dundee, bey, rupee, flay, graye, b, wee, yippee, nabil, appointee, faye, franchisee, syp, lay, paye, smee, nic, cod, gray, she, raye, ay, flea, brea, thi, tay, sta, shea, slee, tree, bui, mme, valoree, we, ki, fe, fee, pattee, fay, j, decree, hwe, sri, ee, day, degree, parolee, jie, markee, musee, the, nestle, thierry, slay, cat-3, m3, sheree, emcee, rosemarie, tyree, gaye, mea, marquis, vi, cree, bray, capri, deportee, dupree, jae, blea, spie, klee, lp, escapee, jee, apc, khe, ged, quai, chablis, mcgee, ip, jubilee, bbc, ofc, grey, marie, chee, ley, dee, blay, sie, mcghee, indri, cxc, pei, maye, hee, designee, spray, ne, cray, whoopee, cc, knee, v, dey, yee, inductee, gway, eap, mee, chea, jay, nie, sci, daye, lavie, magee, sep, brie, lea, rosalee, trustee, kyi, prix, hay, saye, ghee, ranee, crea, trainee, shi, draftee, dsv, loree, louie, mei, fey, ski, three, bee, stay, vendee, je, vee, sze, dae, guarani, tv, fsi, id, ot, rea, vey, brae, lxi, nominee, me, kaye, esprit, mit, wey, che, hey, li, pree, qi, lait, nee, ddt, say, mey, atp, debris, free, bea, guarantee, cie, oversea, clay;
  2. calais, adee, portray, allay, carre, risque, renee, dismay, dossier, nisei, ole, toupee, abbe, da, fillet, passe, defray, soiree, rene, moray, decay, jose, replay, sergei, parquet, purvey, saute, ballet, alee, gervais, valet, nikkei, hervey, array, macrae, olay, mckay, levey, ac, manet, survey, astray, today, filet, delay, cache, repay, ha, dk, away, millay, mcveigh, asay, cathay, abee, prepay, cliche, ek, essay, bombay, albee, monet, orsay, buffet, display, hooray, betray, puree, halfway, beauvais, achee, souffle, bouquet, sorbet, okay, obey, mackay, o'shea, convey, cafe, crochet, oj, hurray, delray, croquet, mccrea, belay, chalet, beret, agree, b-j, ga;
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  5. awb;
  6. waga;

Translations for quay:

Arabic word for Quay

رَصِيفُ الـمِينَاء.

Dutch words for Quay

aanlegplaats, kade, kaai, wal.

German words for Quay

Perron, Kai, Quai.

Italian word for Quay


Javanese word for Quay


Marathi word for Quay


Polish word for Quay


Portuguese word for Quay


Romanian word for Quay


Spanish words for Quay

muelle, embarcadero, atracadero.

Swedish word for Quay


Turkish word for Quay


Vietnamese word for Quay