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Spell Check of remain

Correct spelling: remain

Definition of remain:

  1. To continue in a place or state; to be left existing or left over; not to be lost; to be left.

Common misspellings for remain:

reamined, ramy, remein, rrowworm, rahamian, renain, remainly, remaind, remane, remin, remance, semain.


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This graph shows how "remain" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for remain:

  1. Forever may it remain that way. And may God bless these now -found souls.
  2. Age merely shows what children we remain.
  3. Nothing prevents us from being and remaining the exponents of a united humanity, when we have a country of our own. To fulfill this mission we do not have to remain literally planted among the nations who hate and despise us.
  4. That has to remain the principal reason for doing it, doesn't it? I know it's possible to write for money, and many very good writers have done so. But for me, it has to remain the principal thing that I actually want to do the writing.
  5. Unless physicians stand together to fight threats and injustices, our practices cannot remain viable in the future.

Rhymes for remain:

  1. jain, terrain, mclean, humane, retain, kahane, ordain, hain, zane, main, restrain, germaine, retrain, lorain, iain, rein, contain, caine, crane, shayne, jane, bain, layne, hane, mane, shaine, crain, arraign, moraine, rain, lain, fontaine, ayn, arcane, attain, bane, gain, craine, paine, champaign, kane, insane, raine, slain, pain, rogaine, disdain, sylvain, lane, sustain, brain, reign, champlain, fein, spain, delaine, bahrain, dewayne, blaine, chain, ukraine, tremaine, pane, payne, thane, kain, thayne, profane, elayne, constrain, urbain, cane, frayne, campaign, charlayne, blane, blayne, charmaine, mccain, swayne, vain, duane, grain, sprain, cain, spokane, dain, mcclain, dwayne, freyne, deign, germain, feign, swaine, duquesne, domain, ingrain, laine, duwayne, kaine, mayne, complain, swain, sain, detain, sane, wane, thaine, rayne, hussein, fain, drain, germane, wain, stain, devane, kayne, butane, elaine, twain, regain, demain, aine, duan, shane, maintain, jayne, maine, refrain, laraine, charmain, trane, loraine, wayne, frane, dane, ln, urbane, romaine, reine, jermaine, strain, preordain, cocaine, crayne, biscayne, draine, train, elane, dayne, maclean, cheyne, fraine, vein, heyne, romain, hussain, obtain, champagne, inane, plain, slane, fane, blain, lorraine, mundane, frayn, vane, pertain, bayne, explain, plane;
  2. amain, abstain, alain, alayne, again, allain, alane, alaine;
  3. aquitaine, entertain, ascertain, inhumane;
  4. legerdemain;