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How To Spell Risking?

Correct spelling: Risking

List of misspellings for Risking:

  • risding,
  • risning,
  • raiseing,
  • risisng,
  • riscing,
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Bloodchild is a young adult novel written by British author Tim Bowler. It was originally published in 2008 in the UK. Bloodchild opens with a startling scene of visionary sensation. A boy lies dying in a deserted country lane.

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Dragon's Rock is a novel for young adults by British author Tim Bowler, first published in 1995. The Times Educational Supplement described it as a nightmarish chiller. The events take place in Devon.

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River Boy is a young adult novel by Tim Bowler, published by Oxford in 1997. It is the story of a teenage girl facing the prospect of bereavement. Bowler won the annual Carnegie Medal, recognising the year's best children's book by a British subject. River Boy also won the 1999 Angus Book Award. Margaret K. McElderry Books published the first U.S. edition in 2000.



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