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How To Spell risque?

Correct spelling: risque

List of misspellings for risque:

  • rsidue,
  • misque,
  • risqhe,
  • resscue,
  • physque,
  • psyquee,
  • r8sque,
  • resqued,
  • risque,
  • risjy,
  • reskued,
  • riskof,
  • corsaque,
  • rsume,
  • riside,
  • phisique,
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  • riskay,
  • risaue,
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  • reque,
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  • risq7e.

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This graph shows how "risque" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for risque:

  1. I just want to do something risque for my debut, purely because I didn't want to make an entrance being the pretty, sweet type that I've been seen as for the last 3 years.
  2. Nothing risque, nothing gained.

Rhymes for risque:

  1. hay, ney, tay, che, spray, maye, brae, ca, whey, shay, tray, dey, lay, stay, waye, wray, sze, yay, gway, fay, bay, jae, day, clay, hwe, cray, lei, say, wey, play, ae, jaye, hey, drey, way, tae, prey, trey, haye, fe, frey, de, ray, sway, brey, yea, bray, graye, quai, dray, slay, may, faye, grey, gray, fey, fray, mei, dae, gaye, lait, klay, j, khe, shea, cay, weigh, sleigh, mae, rey, vey, rae, daye, kaye, paye, nej, saye, re, quay, mey, ley, pay, flay, jay, stray, blay, ne, kay, they, nay, sta, bey, wy, se, ay, raye, k, wei, pei, neigh, pray;
  2. calais, mackay, carre, display, convey, croquet, rene, survey, mckay, ek, decay, ga, toupee, delray, prepay, hervey, allay, olay, manet, cathay, chalet, oj, sergei, souffle, bombay, b-j, essay, ha, obey, moray, belay, cache, hooray, crochet, ole, beauvais, betray, nikkei, da, passe, today, bouquet, dossier, cliche, beret, jose, puree, cafe, portray, levey, renee, array, halfway, millay, parquet, nisei, asay, delay, monet, mcveigh, buffet, saute, astray, hurray, purvey, dk, away, fillet, defray, sorbet, o'shea, abbe, filet, repay, macrae, mccrea, replay, orsay, gervais, ballet, dismay, soiree, okay, valet;
  3. disobey, intraday, lyonnais, overplay, ekk, ira, aaa, overstay, piaget, cabernet, bta, chevrolet, underway, fiance, faberge, monterey, ita, monterrey, uva, underplay, bua, attache, dak, bouvier, cabaret, perrier, jna, cea, disarray;
  4. communique, hiaa, cabriolet, ceta, asea, noaa, foia, naivete;
  5. waga;

Translations for risque:

Arabic word for Risque


Bengali word for Risque

শালীনতাবোধে ঘা দিতে পারে.

Chinese word for Risque


French word for Risque


German word for Risque


Italian word for Risque


Norwegian word for Risque


Polish word for Risque


Spanish word for Risque

subido de tono.