How To Spell shall?

Correct spelling: shall

What is the definition of shall?

  1. be going to; indicates futurity

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What are the rhymes for shall?

  1. pal, dal, cal, gal, kal, hal, val, sal, al, halle, thal, kral, lal, bal;
  2. lasalle, canal, royale, morale, chagall, locale, pascale, pascal, doral, vitale, vidal, duval, corral;
  3. perceval, coval, chaparral, rationale;
  4. guadalcanal;
  5. internacional;

What are the translations for shall?

Arabic word for Shall


Bengali word for Shall


Chinese word for Shall


German words for Shall

Werden, Futur.

Hindi word for Shall


Italian word for Shall

auxiliary for the future tense.

Japanese word for Shall


Javanese word for Shall


Korean word for Shall

~일 것이다.

Malay word for Shall


Marathi word for Shall


Polish words for Shall

mag, nie tłumaczy się na język polski; służy do tworzenia czasu przyszłego.

Portuguese words for Shall

dever, verbo usado para exprimir futuro ou obrigatoriedade.

Romanian word for Shall

o să.

Russian word for Shall


Spanish word for Shall

verbo auxiliar de futuro.

Swedish word for Shall

komma att.

Turkish word for Shall


Ukrainian word for Shall

вказує на майбутню дію.

Vietnamese word for Shall