How To Spell snow?

Correct spelling: snow

What is the definition of snow?

  1. fall as snow; "It was snowing all night"

What does the abbreviation snow mean?

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What are the usage examples for snow?

  1. Then a snow storm came, and he disappeared for two weeks. – Ways of Wood Folk by William J. Long

What are the rhymes for snow?

  1. trow, chateaux, perot, truffaut, koh, outgrow, o', gogh, noe, monroe, stow, glo, so-so, ow, flow, quo, cro, whoa, pro, woe, wo, cabo, marceau, kyo, hoe, know, mau, yoe, kayo, rondeau, tow, bow, jo, tableaux, ro, mow, foe, escoe, yoh, co, goh, coe, rouleau, loe, munro, oh, chateau, chau, so, undergo, low, bo, row, roe, eau, zoh, toe, poe, beaux, cousteau, strow, blow, loh, show, ho, thibault, bestow, renaud, roh, lo, loew, loewe, cho, yo, plough, bio, tho, bordeaux, sgro, slow, plateau, escrow, lowe, au, margaux, turbot, forgo, owe, vo, rowe, boe, tallyho, though, moe, peugeot, giraud, devaux, below, yau, forego, kowtow, dough, sew, floe, rho, doe, crow, bro, grow, fro, flo, tso, beau, nau, inco, dau, bowe, go, tyo, gro, goe, tarot, sow, cloe, rideau, uno, mo, hello, poh, stowe, joe, gloe, hoh, ngo, throw, luo, tableau, defoe, sloe, ko, noh, gau, papo, aux, thoreau, nouveau, glow, doh, joh;
  2. although, pernod, ago, aglow, arnault, renault, arnaud, miro;
  3. apropos, overflow, ivo, eeo, imo, taekwondo;
  4. celo;

What are the translations for snow?

Afrikaans word for Snow


Arabic word for Snow


Dutch words for Snow

kar, sneeuw.

French words for Snow

Nevada, neiger, névé.

German words for Snow

Neige, Schnee.

Greek word for Snow


Japanese word for Snow


Javanese word for Snow


Malay word for Snow


Norwegian word for Snow


Polish word for Snow


Romanian word for Snow


Russian word for Snow


Spanish words for Snow

nieve, nevar, nevazo.

Swedish word for Snow


Ukrainian word for Snow