How To Spell subsequent?

Correct spelling: subsequent

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What is the definition of subsequent?

  1. following in time or order; "subsequent developments"

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What are the translations for subsequent?

Afrikaans word for Subsequent


Arabic word for Subsequent


Chinese word for Subsequent


Dutch words for Subsequent

later, volgend, verder, aansluitend, navolgend, daaropvolgend, opvolgend.

French words for Subsequent

suivant, résolutoire, prochain, prochaine, successif, subséquent, successives, futures, subséquentes.

German words for Subsequent

subsequent, nachträglich, nachfolgend, folgend, darauf folgend, später, darauffolgend, nachrangig, nachherig.

Italian words for Subsequent

consecutivo, successivo.

Japanese word for Subsequent


Javanese word for Subsequent


Korean word for Subsequent


Malay word for Subsequent


Polish words for Subsequent

późniejszy, kolejny, następny, dalszy, późniejsze.

Portuguese words for Subsequent

seguinte, eventuais, futuros, adicionais, resultantes, posteriores, subsequente, ulteriores, vindouro, consequente, seguintes.

Russian words for Subsequent

последующий, дальнейший.

Spanish words for Subsequent

consecuente, posterior, consiguiente, subsiguiente, adicional, complementar, respectivo, futura, subsecuente, subsiguientes, sucesivo, ulterior.

Turkish word for Subsequent


Vietnamese word for Subsequent

tiếp theo.