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Correct spelling: such


Definition of such:

  1. Of that or the like kind; the same that, or as referred to. Such and such is used in reference to a person or place of a certain kind.

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Examples of usage for such:

  1. Did you ever have such fun?
  2. " When we get to our new home we shall have such a good time," said Edna.
  3. I would not do such a thing now.

Quotes for such:

  1. Freedom would be not to choose between black and white but to abjure such prescribed choices. - Theodor Adorno
  2. Terrorists oppose nations such as the United States and Australia not because of what we have done but because of who we are and because of the values that we hold in common. - John Howard
  3. Our hope, and it's a sad hope, is that... well, I mean we need a tip. That's why we have such a big reward. We just hope that someone is holding her for her child and that we can, you know, get her back with a tip. - Scott Peterson
  4. Conventional people are roused to fury by departure from convention, largely because they regard such departure as a criticism of themselves. - Bertrand Russell
  5. We pray that the deceitful race- such hateful enemies and blasphemers of the name of Christ- be not allowed to further infect and trouble this new colony. - Peter Stuyvesant

Rhymes for such:

  1. bruch, buche, clutch, crutch, dutch, huch, hutch, kutch, much, mutch, touch, tuch.
  2. nonesuch.

Idioms for such:

  1. there's no such thing/ person ( as)
  2. sink to such depths
  3. such and such
  4. never heard of such a thing!
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