How To Spell Those?

Correct spelling: Those

What is the definition of Those?

  1. The plural of that. See That.

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What are the quotes for Those?

  1. Those who live, live off the dead.
  2. I do not fear Satan half so much as I fear those who fear him.
  3. God helps those who fear Him.
  4. I live for those who love me, for those who know me true, for the heaven so blue above me, and the good that I can do.
  5. Be content to remember that those who can make omelettes properly can do nothing else.

What are the rhymes for Those?

  1. chose, pose, goes, flows, foes, nose, lowes, knows, slows, pows, doze, pros, crose, toes, woes, sews, boes, lo's, ose, rows, rose, clothes, roes, close, ohs, moes, rohs, shows, hose, vose, froze, lows, throws, bows, mose, o's, grows, joes, tows, noes, cose, ngos, throes, bose, sows, owes, beaus, crows, hoes, boase, blows, jos, bowes, glows, snows, brose, gose, prose;
  2. dubose, repose, expose, dispose, stavros, tarots, suppose, depose, transpose, compose, forgoes, foreclose, arose, plainclothes, oppose, enclose, propose, bestows, disclose, impose;
  3. reimpose, juxtapose, interpose, presuppose, predispose, decompose;
  4. overexpose, superimpose;

What are the translations for Those?

Afrikaans word for Those


Arabic word for Those


Bengali word for Those


Chinese words for Those

CI, 那些.

French words for Those

Té, ceux, celles, dé, bu, ces, ceux-ci, celles-ci, ceux-là, celles-là.

German words for Those

die, das, diese, denen, diejenigen, jener, jene, die da, jenes, diese da.

Greek word for Those


Hindi word for Those


Italian word for Those


Japanese word for Those


Javanese word for Those


Korean word for Those


Malay word for Those


Polish words for Those

tamtych, tamci, owi, tamte, owe.

Portuguese words for Those

aqueles, esses, aquelas, essas.

Romanian word for Those


Spanish words for Those

aquellos, aquellas, esos, esas, aquella.

Swedish word for Those


Vietnamese word for Those

những người/vật đó.