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What are the rhymes for thus?

  1. sus, gus, russ, thrusts, shas, bus, plus, wass, fuss, rus, suss, huss, fuhs, pus, prus, kus, xus, cuss, nuss, muhs, wuss, buss, dusts, guss, truss, trus;
  2. adjusts, distrusts, discuss, disgusts;
  3. cus;

What are the translations for thus?

Arabic word for Thus


Bengali word for Thus


Chinese words for Thus

ZO, 所以, 因而, 以此, 是以, 如是, 乃, 于是, 这么样, 这样一来, 且说.

Dutch words for Thus

daarom, bijgevolg, aldus, daarmee, zodoende, daardoor, derhalve, dientengevolge.

French words for Thus

donc, dus.

German words for Thus

somit, so, dadurch, daher, auf diese Weise, dementsprechend, also, folglich, deshalb, demnach, hierdurch, demzufolge, demgemäß, solcherart, von daher, mithin, solcherweise.

Greek word for Thus


Hindi word for Thus

इस प्रकार.

Italian words for Thus

quindi, pertanto, dunque.

Japanese words for Thus

こうして, かくして, かような次第で, 然して, 而して, かようなしだいで, 斯くて, 斯くして, かくて, こうやって, 斯うして.

Javanese word for Thus


Norwegian word for Thus


Polish words for Thus

zatem, więc, dlatego, tak więc.

Portuguese word for Thus


Romanian word for Thus


Swedish word for Thus


Tamil word for Thus