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How To Spell Towards?

Correct spelling: Towards

Definition of Towards:

  1. With direction to, in a moral sense; with respect or reference to; regarding; concerning.

List of misspellings for Towards:

  • rowards,
  • dowward,
  • towarts,
  • twaords,
  • tawards,
  • toword,
  • trowads,
  • towad,
  • twaord,
  • towardes,
  • howards,
  • towds,
  • towords,
  • towarded,
  • cowardess,
  • fowards,
  • torward,
  • towaard,
  • towward,
  • towardds,
  • towordes,
  • twirds,
  • towarda,
  • towareds,
  • tworards,
  • torweds,
  • trowards,
  • towardsh,
  • tawords,
  • towaards,
  • toweres,
  • twowards,
  • torwars,
  • twords,
  • rootwords,
  • toawrds,
  • tourds,
  • towrds,
  • twardes,
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  • tuwards.

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Quotes for Towards:

  1. If everyone howled at every injustice, every act of barbarism, every act of unkindness, then we would be taking the first step towards a real humanity.
  2. Until Genevieve I had tended towards the more dramatic type of role.
  3. I think that most artists are leaning towards fragile idiots.
  4. If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it's moving you away from your goals.
  5. In those days, slavery was not looked upon, even in Quaker Philadelphia, with the shudder and abhorrence one feels towards it now.

Translations for Towards:

Afrikaans word for Towards


Arabic word for Towards


Czech word for Towards


Dutch words for Towards

voor, tegen, naar, richting, jegens, ten opzichte van, ten aanzien van.

French words for Towards

pour, concernant, envers, en direction de, verso, con, dans la direction de, du côté de, en prévision de.

German words for Towards

nach, auf, zu, gegenüber, gegen, gen, in Richtung, hin zu, contra, Vers, tot, auf ... zu.

Japanese word for Towards


Javanese word for Towards


Korean word for Towards

...을 향하여.

Malay word for Towards


Norwegian word for Towards

i retning av.

Polish words for Towards

do, wobec.

Portuguese words for Towards

por, para, rumo a, em direção a, trás.

Romanian words for Towards

moț, către.

Russian word for Towards

по направлению к.

Spanish words for Towards

hacia, en dirección a, con vistas a.

Ukrainian word for Towards

у напрямку.

Vietnamese word for Towards

về phía.