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How To Spell underscore?

Correct spelling: underscore

Definition of underscore:

  1. draw a line or lines underneath to call attention to

List of misspellings for underscore:

  • unneccicary,
  • unnesacarry,
  • underecore,
  • unesccary,
  • intercoure,
  • incercure,
  • inderstry,
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  • unnessacary.

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This graph shows how "underscore" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for underscore:

  1. gabor, porr, mohr, cor, war, sedor, lenore, fore, corr, outscore, spore, your, orr, door, rapport, ignore, laure, mazor, boar, moore, ore, hoar, roar, four, flor, lahore, lore, drawer, cohr, postwar, torre, sore, hardcore, or, sor, morr, pour, oar, lor, por, timor, chore, mor, yore, torr, glor, dore, outpour, snore, senor, scor, more, bore, store, vore, flore, offshore, pore, dior, core, nor, goar, tor, wore, tore, warr, m4, gorr, laur, bohr, ngor, score, livor, galore, boer, soar, igor, ohr, coar, gore, deplore, loar, corps, nohr, prewar, restore, dorr, explore, wor, shore, swore, saur, inshore, schnorr, glore, d'or, floor, implore, thor;
  2. amour, adore, ador, before, decor, cat-4, abhor, bator, ashore, c4, afore;
  3. guarantor, livermore, antiwar, anymore, heretofore;

Translations for underscore:

Afrikaans word for Underscore


Bengali word for Underscore


French words for Underscore

souligner, saluer.

German words for Underscore

betonen, unterstreichen, hervorheben, Unterstrich, Unterstreichung, Unterstreichungszeichen.

Greek word for Underscore


Hindi word for Underscore


Italian words for Underscore

trattino basso, sottolineare.

Javanese word for Underscore


Norwegian word for Underscore


Polish word for Underscore


Portuguese words for Underscore

frisar, salientar, sublinhar, ressaltar, sublinhado.

Romanian word for Underscore


Russian word for Underscore


Spanish words for Underscore

realzar, destacar, resaltar, subrayar, recalcar, enfatizar, acentuar, barra baja, reiterar, remarcar, subrayado, poner énfasis en, dar énfasis, incidir en.

Swedish word for Underscore


Turkish word for Underscore


Ukrainian word for Underscore