How To Spell Unless?

Correct spelling: Unless

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What are the usage examples for Unless?

  1. There it is forever lost unless the sea bottom should some day become dry land.

What are the rhymes for Unless?

  1. jess, fess, guests, dress, hesse, ques, nes, bess, ess, cress, les, wes, bless, pless, press, ches, s, ness, vess, less, stress, gless, hess, abs, crests, kess, chess, mess, guess, es, tess, esse, ress, tress, gess, fests, yes;
  2. transgress, possess, regress, impress, distress, undress, protests, compress, noblesse, invests, fs, suppress, attests, confess, obsess, largesse, profess, success, assess, suggests, divests, etess, express, digests, molests, digress, recess, infests, depress, progress, vs, ls, egress, fluoresce, ts, finesse, aggress, excess, requests, redress, retests, caress, address, repress, contests, oppress, ellesse;
  3. ers, las, cps, reassess, uys, repossess, ccs, acquiesce, coalesce, lcs, uss, convalesce, ins, dss, pos, nonetheless, reinvests, cus, oas, dispossess;
  4. ws, hces, cmos, stds, tcas, abts, adss, nevertheless;

What are the translations for Unless?

Afrikaans word for Unless


Arabic word for Unless

إِلاّ إِذا.

Chinese word for Unless


Dutch words for Unless

behalve, tenzij.

French words for Unless

à moins que, à moins de.

German words for Unless

es sei denn, sofern nicht, wenn nicht, außer wenn, falls nicht, vorausgesetzt, dass.

Greek word for Unless

εκτός αν.

Italian word for Unless

a meno che.

Japanese word for Unless


Javanese word for Unless


Korean word for Unless

...이 아니면.

Malay word for Unless

Melainkan jika.

Marathi word for Unless

जोपर्यंत तो.

Norwegian word for Unless

med mindre.

Polish words for Unless

chyba że, dopóki nie, chyba, że.

Portuguese words for Unless

a menos que, a não ser que, excepto se.

Romanian word for Unless

dacă nu.

Russian word for Unless

если не.

Spanish words for Unless

a menos que, salvo que, a no ser que, salvo si, excepto que, excepto si.

Swedish word for Unless

om inte.

Turkish word for Unless


Ukrainian word for Unless

якщо не.

Vietnamese word for Unless

trừ khi.