How To Spell Whereas?

Correct spelling: Whereas

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What is the definition of Whereas?

  1. At which place; where.

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What are the rhymes for Whereas?

  1. as, vaz, gaz, raz, faz, jazz, baz, chazz, chaz, has, braz;
  2. pizzazz;
  3. razzmatazz;

What are the translations for Whereas?

Afrikaans word for Whereas


Arabic word for Whereas

في حين.

Catalan word for Whereas


Danish word for Whereas


Dutch word for Whereas


French words for Whereas

alors que, tandis que.

German words for Whereas

indessen, obwohl, während, wohingegen, hingegen, indes, wogegen, mit Rücksicht darauf, dass, Mais.

Greek word for Whereas

λαμβάνοντας υπόψη ότι η.

Japanese word for Whereas


Javanese word for Whereas


Korean word for Whereas

~인 데 반하여.

Malay words for Whereas

Medan, Sedangkan.

Polish word for Whereas

mając na uwadze,.

Portuguese word for Whereas

ao passo que.

Spanish words for Whereas

mientras, considerando que, aunque.

Tamil word for Whereas


Turkish word for Whereas

buna karşılık.

Ukrainian word for Whereas

в той час як.