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How To Spell wherever?

Correct spelling: wherever

Definition of wherever:

  1. At whatever place.

List of misspellings for wherever:

  • whetever,
  • whererever,
  • wheever,
  • whaterever,
  • whwnever,
  • whomeever,
  • were've,
  • foerever,
  • whenver,
  • howrever,
  • whcihever,
  • wahetever,
  • watherver,
  • whrere,
  • wherevere,
  • whereva,
  • there've,
  • wereever,
  • wheree,
  • howevery,
  • wherefor,
  • whovever,
  • wheenver,
  • howeverr,
  • howereve,
  • whatveer,
  • wherebye,
  • whereever,
  • whenevever,
  • whaterver,
  • whaetever,
  • whosever,
  • whnever,
  • whethever,
  • willreview,
  • wheverer,
  • wherethey,
  • moreoever,
  • whowever,
  • whataever,
  • nereve,
  • wherevver,
  • wichever,
  • whoevere,
  • swereve,
  • womeever,
  • wherere,
  • whaetver,
  • wherather,
  • wehatever,
  • whichver,
  • howeevr,
  • whearever,
  • werevery,
  • wherethe,
  • whoeever,
  • whereevery,
  • whataver,
  • whever,
  • moreever,
  • weherever,
  • howevrer,
  • wutever,
  • wirefeeder,
  • whateever,
  • whereves,
  • herivour,
  • moerover,
  • whereevr,
  • whtever,
  • howevere,
  • wotever,
  • wheneever,
  • whateve,
  • wehnever,
  • whicever,
  • hwenever,
  • wherver,
  • wheneve,
  • wherethree,
  • howevever,
  • whareever,
  • wherer,
  • whereup,
  • wherehe,
  • wharever,
  • werever,
  • wahtever,
  • whaever,
  • wathever,
  • whathever,
  • whoeevr,
  • werere,
  • whartever,
  • wherether,
  • wherevever,
  • foreever,
  • wenever,
  • wheatever,
  • whenerver.

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1951 film

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Wherever You Are Tonight is the fifth and final studio album release by American country music singer Keith Whitley. It was the second posthumous album of his career. The album consists of ten songwriter demos which Whitley had recorded. His vocal was the only track kept from those original demos.

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Quotes for wherever:

  1. Wherever there's opportunity, the mafia will be there.
  2. It would be our policy to use nuclear weapons wherever we felt it necessary to protect our forces and achieve our objectives.
  3. All of us deserve a greater peace of mind, knowing that our children are better protected wherever they are.
  4. Wherever my work may take me in the near future even if you should see me one day within the fortress- you can always count on me as your reliable assistant.
  5. I'm 82 years old, wherever I go everybody knows me, but here's why... I'm a merchandiser, I'm not just a writer, I stay in every avenue you can think of.

Translations for wherever:

Arabic word for Wherever


Bengali word for Wherever


Chinese words for Wherever

哪儿, 无论哪里.

Dutch word for Wherever


French words for Wherever

partout, où que.

German words for Wherever

wo, wo immer, überall wo, wohin auch immer, irgendwo, wo auch immer, egal wo.

Hindi word for Wherever

जहाँ भी.

Italian word for Wherever


Korean word for Wherever

어디에서 ~하든지.

Norwegian word for Wherever

uansett hvor.

Polish word for Wherever

wszędzie tam, gdzie.

Portuguese words for Wherever

onde quer que, para onde quer que, para onde, em qualquer lugar, qualquer lado que, qualquer lugar que, por onde quer que, seja qual lugar, no lugar que, qualquer parte que, em qualquer lado que, em qualquer parte que, em toda a parte, em todo o lado, para qualquer lugar que, para qualquer lado que.

Spanish words for Wherever

donde quiera que, donde sea, dondequiera, doquiera, en cualquier sitio, en cualquier parte.

Swedish word for Wherever


Tamil word for Wherever