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How To Spell worse?

Correct spelling: worse

Definition of worse:

  1. something inferior in quality or condition or effect; "for better or for worse"; "accused of cheating and lying and worse"

List of misspellings for worse:

  • sorce,
  • warse,
  • verse3,
  • vouse,
  • ywars,
  • wlse,
  • forse,
  • rrose124,
  • worsth,
  • wource,
  • worre,
  • womes,
  • vorce,
  • twoce,
  • wonce,
  • porse,
  • worie,
  • twoice,
  • wordss,
  • worsow,
  • worsyt,
  • woice,
  • woh's,
  • torse,
  • wayse,
  • wasre,
  • wrose,
  • worced,
  • worrey,
  • dorse,
  • worssen,
  • worde,
  • pwoers,
  • vourse,
  • woris,
  • owrse,
  • whossy,
  • worste,
  • ciourse,
  • voise,
  • worke,
  • whees,
  • swors,
  • voyce,
  • verse1,
  • kirsie,
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  • wokes,
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  • virsue,
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  • youse,
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  • womes's,
  • worese,
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  • worps,
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  • worns,
  • wholse,
  • yousee.

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Google Ngram Viewer results for worse:

This graph shows how "worse" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for worse:

  1. With me it was that defending the Communist Party was something worse than naming the names.
  2. Be still my heart; thou hast known worse than this.
  3. The world gels better every day- then worse again in the evening.
  4. You know, North Korea situation is far worse than East Germany, and South Korea is weaker than West Germany.
  5. Is it worse to be scared than to be bored, that is the question.

Translations for worse:

Afrikaans word for Worse


Arabic word for Worse


Chinese word for Worse


French words for Worse

pire, verre, pires, pis.

German words for Worse

schlimmer, schlechter, schrecklicher, böser, übler.

Greek word for Worse


Hindi word for Worse


Italian word for Worse


Japanese word for Worse


Javanese word for Worse

Luwih elek.

Korean word for Worse

더 나쁜.

Malay word for Worse

Lebih teruk.

Polish word for Worse


Portuguese words for Worse

pior, piores, mais graves.

Spanish words for Worse

inferior, peor.

Swedish word for Worse


Turkish word for Worse

daha da kötüsü.

Ukrainian word for Worse