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How to Pronounce 2nd lieutenant?

Correct pronunciation for the word "2nd lieutenant" is [sˈɛkənd lɛftˈɛnənt], [sˈɛkənd lɛftˈɛnənt], [s_ˈɛ_k_ə_n_d l_ɛ_f_t_ˈɛ_n_ə_n_t].

What are the misspellings for 2nd lieutenant?

  • 2nd lieutenent,
  • 2nd leutenant,
  • 2nd liutenant,
  • 2nd lieutennant,
  • 2nd leutinant,
  • 2nd leiutenant,
  • 2nd leitenant,
  • 2nd lutenant,
  • 2nd lyutenant,
  • 2nd lietenant,
  • 2nd lewtenant

What is the adjective for 2nd lieutenant?

The adjective form of "2nd lieutenant" is "second lieutenant".

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