How to Pronounce 4th?

Correct pronunciation for the word "4th" is [fˈɔːθ], [fˈɔːθ], [f_ˈɔː_θ].

What are the misspellings for 4th?

  • 4tuh,
  • 4tnh,
  • 46th,
  • 4tth,
  • 4thb,
  • 4thg,
  • 4tb,
  • 46h,
  • e4th,
  • 4thy,
  • 4fth,
  • 4t6h,
  • 4ty,
  • 4tjh,
  • 4 th,
  • 4gth,
  • 4thu,
  • 4ph,
  • 44h,
  • 4tx,
  • 34th,
  • 4thh,
  • 4thn,
  • 4t5h,
  • r4th,
  • 4tgh ,
  • 4gh,
  • 4tbh,
  • 4trh,
  • 43th,
  • 4t h,
  • 4yh,
  • 4vh,
  • 4tu,
  • 4tfh,
  • 4uh,
  • 4tyh,
  • 4tj,
  • 4fh,
  • 45h.

"4th" in context

The 4th of July is a special day for many Americans when they celebrate the United States' independence. It is a day where many people will gather together with friends and family to enjoy a meal and firework displays. In the United States, the 4th of July commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, an event which marked the birth of the United States of America. People who celebrate commemorate this day by wearing red, white and blue, displaying flags and decorations, and attending parades and other celebrations.

Usage over time for 4th:

This graph shows how "4th" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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