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How to Pronounce acme army?

Correct pronunciation for the word "acme army" is [ˈakmɪ ˈɑːmi], [ˈakmɪ ˈɑːmi], [ˈa_k_m_ɪ_ ˈɑː_m_i].

What are the misspellings for acme army?

  • acme armi,
  • acne army,
  • agme army,
  • aceme army,
  • acmy army,
  • ace army,
  • acma army,
  • acme arny,
  • akme army,
  • accme army

What is the adjective for acme army?

The adjective form of "acme army" would be "acme-army".

What is the plural form of acme army?

The plural form of the word "acme army" is "acme armies".

What is the singular form of acme army?

The singular form of the word "acme army" is "acme army". The word "acme" does not change in the singular form.

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