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How to Pronounce en-lil?

Correct pronunciation for the word "en-lil" is [ˈɛnlˈɪl], [ˈɛnlˈɪl], [ˈɛ_n_l_ˈɪ_l].

What are the misspellings for en-lil?

  • wn-lil,
  • sn-lil,
  • dn-lil,
  • rn-lil,
  • 4n-lil,
  • 3n-lil,
  • eb-lil,
  • em-lil,
  • ej-lil,
  • eh-lil,
  • en0lil,
  • enplil,
  • en-kil,
  • en-pil,
  • en-oil,
  • en-lul,
  • en-ljl,
  • en-lkl,
  • en-lol,
  • en-l9l

What is the adjective for en-lil?

The adjective form of "en-lil" is "Enlilite".

What is the plural form of en-lil?

The plural form of "en-lil" is "en-lils".

What is the singular form of en-lil?

The singular form of the word "en-lil" is "en-lil". "En-lil" does not have a plural form because it is a proper noun referring to a Mesopotamian deity.

Synonyms for En-lil:

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