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How to Pronounce feeble-minded person?

Correct pronunciation for the word "feeble-minded person" is [fˈiːbə͡lmˈa͡ɪndɪd pˈɜːsən], [fˈiːbə‍lmˈa‍ɪndɪd pˈɜːsən], [f_ˈiː_b_əl_m_ˈaɪ_n_d_ɪ_d p_ˈɜː_s_ə_n].

What are the misspellings for feeble-minded person?

  • feble-minded person,
  • feebl-minded person,
  • feeble-mnded person,
  • feebl-mnded person,
  • feeble-mindd person,
  • feebl-mindd person,
  • feeble-mindded person,
  • feebl-mindded person,
  • feebel-minded person,
  • feeble-miinded person,
  • feeble-mindedd person,
  • feeble-mined person,
  • fable-minded person,
  • feeble-monded person,
  • feebl-mindedd person

What is the adjective for feeble-minded person?

The adjective form of "feeble-minded person" would be "feeble-minded".

What is the plural form of feeble-minded person?

The plural form of the word "feeble-minded person" is "feeble-minded people".

What is the singular form of feeble-minded person?

The singular form of the word "feeble-minded person" is "feeble-minded person". It remains the same in both singular and plural forms.

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