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How to Pronounce half-blooded?

Correct pronunciation for the word "half-blooded" is [hˈɑːfblˈʌdɪd], [hˈɑːfblˈʌdɪd], [h_ˈɑː_f_b_l_ˈʌ_d_ɪ_d].

Definition of half-blooded

  1. Proceeding from a male and female of different breeds; of good blood only on one side; partly high-born and partly low.

Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language By Nuttall, P.Austin

What are the misspellings for half-blooded?

  • galf-blooded,
  • balf-blooded,
  • nalf-blooded,
  • jalf-blooded,
  • ualf-blooded,
  • yalf-blooded,
  • hzlf-blooded,
  • hslf-blooded,
  • hwlf-blooded,
  • hqlf-blooded,
  • hakf-blooded,
  • hapf-blooded,
  • haof-blooded,
  • hald-blooded,
  • halc-blooded,
  • halv-blooded,
  • halg-blooded,
  • halt-blooded,
  • halr-blooded,
  • half0blooded

What is the adjective for half-blooded?

The adjective form of "half-blooded" is "half-blood".

Usage over time for half-blooded:

This graph shows how "half-blooded" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What is the plural form of half-blooded?

The plural form of "half-blooded" is "half-bloodeds".

What is the singular form of half-blooded?

The singular form of the word "half-blooded" is "half-blood"

Synonyms for Half-blooded:

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