How to spell 5DAY correctly?

We think the word 5day is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell 5day correctly

  • bay How beautiful the view of the city and the bay was!
  • cay Belize territorial sea: 12 nm in the north, 3 nm in the south; note - from the mouth of the Sarstoon River to Ranguana Cay, Belize's territorial sea is 3 nm; according to Belize's Maritime Areas Act, 1992, the purpose of this limitation is to provide a framework for negotiating a definitive agreement on territorial differences with Guatemala exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
  • da 270 Folgore da San Gemignano, ii.
  • dab Suddenly the memory of the previous night's adventure came back to her with a rush and, with an angry dab of the bedclothes, she wiped her eyes, just as the maid entered with the cup of early-morning tea she had specially ordered.
  • dad Do you know what'd happen if Dad found me here?"
  • dag Bo Bergman (1869–1967), Swedish poet Borah Bergman (1926–2012), American pianist Cam Bergman (born 1983), Canadian lacrosse player Carl Johan Bergman (born 1978), Swedish biathlete Charlotte Bergman (1903–2002), Belgian art collector and philanthropist Christian Bergman (born 1988), American baseball player Dag Bergman (1914–1984), Swedish diplomat Daniel Bergman (born 1962), Swedish film director Dave Bergman (1953–2015), American baseball player David Bergman (born 1950), American writer David Bergman (born ca.
  • dam Desirous of kidnapping the cub, without encountering the fury of its dam, they took it up hastily and cautiously retreated.
  • dat Whut is dat Ah got to remimber?"
  • davy Sir Humphry Davy told me that he did not consider this undiscovered art an impossible thing, but which, should it ever be discovered, would certainly be useless.
  • day I told them that if they would pass the night in my room I would not go till the next day.
  • days Peter talked more in the next few days.
  • dray Mr. Poole felt much when I went to tell him that the dray in which he was to be conveyed, was ready for his reception.
  • dry He had grown dry, not flabby.
  • dy Of all these Formes of Government, the matter being mortall, so that not onely Monarchs, but also whole Assemblies dy, it is necessary for the conservation of the peace of men, that as there was order taken for an Artificiall Man, so there be order also taken, for an Artificiall Eternity of life; without which, men that are governed by an Assembly, should return into the condition of Warre in every age; and they that are governed by One man, as soon as their Governour dyeth.
  • hay I think he must have guessed that, from seeing the way Bunny was sitting on the little pile of hay.
  • jay In this Vergennes was supported by Franklin, as well as by Jay, who had lately arrived in Paris to take part in the negotiations.
  • lay Stingaree held his breath where he lay.
  • may Thus, if your first move is with K, then C can jump over K. If then K moves towards E, you may next jump W over C, and so on.
  • nay " Nay, that I know not.
  • pay Get out; I won't pay.
  • ray Why do you ask, Ray?
  • say I am not recommending to parents the system of delay in execution of sentence; but I must say that in my case it was responsible for an invaluable discipline.
  • way No, this is not the way!
  • Dan Dan, grim an' silent, rides on without returnin' the fire.
  • Fay Jena, 1884. Fay, E.A. Marriages of the Deaf in America.
  • Dar To his great relief she said briskly: "Well, dar!
  • Kay "Inscribed," Sir Kay echoed.

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  • irascibly
  • irately
  • irreducibly
  • irrefutably
  • irritable
  • irritably