Correct spelling for ACCELARATES

We think the word accelarates is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accelarates

  • accelerate This will generally produce a considerable amount of animal life, without any artificial help, but judicious help will be sure to accelerate matters to a considerable extent.
  • accelerated My surgeon, Mr. Davis, of Andover, was instantly sent for; but, before he could arrive, I had fainted away four or five times, and he found me in such a state, without any pulse, that he at first hesitated to bleed me; however, upon my urging him to do so, he complied, and the horrid noise which was caused in my head by the blood rushing through my brain with accelerated velocity, somewhat abated, and in the course of the day it wore off, and became like the singing of a tea-kettle.
  • accelerator She pressed hard on the accelerator, hoping to catch Matthew while he ate lunch in his office, as he customarily did this time of day.
  • accelerates Violent exertions however are no more to be recommended than inactivity; for whatever fatigues the body, prevents the benefit of exercise, and tends to weaken rather than strengthen it. Fast walking, immediately before or after meals, is highly pernicious, and necessarily accelerates the circulation of the blood, which is attended with imminent danger to the head or brain.
  • accelerators I have found the most certain method to be as follows:-Coat the Daguerreotype plate as usual, except use less of the accelerators, the proportion of iodine coating being greater, of course the time of exposure in the camera will be lengthened.

578 words made from the letters accelarates

5 letter words made from accelarates:

alter, astle, react, retes, esera, scree, recta, crece, ceres, eales, reces, raste, caala, creel, caret, araca, aeras, areca, cleat, ratal, clase, atlas, ceras, leare, racas, artel, claar, lease, aerts, seaer, calta, satre, aeaea, reast, secta, cesta, craal, alere, cerae, scarl, saree, caere, celts, carte, recce, later, acara, astre, acres, ester, erect, aclac, craca, ceral, ertel, caste, cater, atsea, ratas, arcel, celer, acral, areal, leear, ratae, seert, least, elate, alers, creta, seeta, reest, saler, aster, rasta, actes, altar, aatae, elara, salet, crete, altas, carts, rates, ertle, laers, easer, leets, sacra, leers, aalst, actel, reale, lecce, clert, raese, selce, aacta, reset, alete, cecal, estle, ratee, erste, artec, ascra, saale, arcee, alert, clere, eclat, elect, ralte, aseel, crate, sarla, scare, laser, lacer, retal, lecca, reata, esata, erase, reste, lacet, crace, cerat, leser, leats, csere, acter, aseal, crest, catla, alsea, seale, cares, leste, ecast, lasta, letea, acree, cease, aceae, selat, clast, selar, reals, acela, reaal, easle, alate, atler, letra, arcae, leres, laeta, scrae, clats, altra, sacer, accra, asare, cesca, seare, reate, sater, arale, ercel, eater, leest, alcea, laces, scale, eletr, sarac, elers, alces, searl, salat, saare, latae, esler, seral, esala, ratel, sceat, clear, artal, creal, aelst, certa, areel, arete, sarel, easel, larsa, arsal, carat.

3 letter words made from accelarates:

ear, sle, ala, lat, cat, eta, ler, see, cst, sea, are, ace, als, ese, aas, ale, res, ate, arc, art, eat, ret, crt, era, alt, lac, eel, lee, est, car, ter, sec, ras, tar, act, sac, sat, let, lea, set, ecc, tlc, ect, tec, rat, eec, tee, esr, aec, cer, asl, ara, etc, tea, aar, ert.

6 letter words made from accelarates:

ateles, catera, arcata, acters, acerca, etecsa, altera, castra, aerate, acetal, carate, alters, arecas, aclara, cartes, catala, caecal, atease, elster, caters, astara, alsace, altace, cerata, cercas, aletes, eaters, aereas, carlat, cetara, alerts, alreet, ascert, celera, casale, elates, clares, alerce, actaea, artels, clears, clercs, ceaser, alatas, clarts, acetes, aceset, artale, alster, arsace, caeser, easter, arales, clease, acasta, estral, erects, calera, caleca, carles, cartea, arsala, alerta, altcar, arcate, cerate, etrace, easler, eslate, altars, cereal, acteal, creels, cercle, alates, astare, calata, caract, acraea, eclats, estara, elater, claret, caesar, ceatec, cecala, cester, caster, eccles, areata, cetera, eacles, cartel, erecta, escala, astral, earset, aereal, casera, cartas, elects, cascar, cartee, cartac, aretas, create, arasat, cleats, areala, claras, earles, carlse, accara, cleare, casler, castle, cleets, escale, caleta, craals, lacasa, casaca, claree, alacra, calesa, crease, crates, ecarte, altrec.

7 letter words made from accelarates:

cetacea, araceae, selecta, sclarea, estrela, elaters, ecartes, scalera, caretas, laccase, alceste, starace, cercles, scartel, saceate, talacre, scearce, realest, caraate, tarcels, caracts, aerates, lacerte, caceres, salacca, treacle, lactase, alerces, telesca, electra, elcaset, casteel, carseat, sarlacc, tarseal, seletar, laseter, resalat, castral, escatel, clarets, laertes, claster, sclater, catsear, caseate, caracal, carcels, carates, caracas, celesta, scarlat, cartels, stelarc, carcase, sleater, lestrac, reslate, crestal, cascata, sclerae, scalare, saarela, acerate, relaces, rasceta, atscale, salcete, calcars, acetals, relates, laccate, cascara, sacatra, sectral, laetare, altares, tercels, estelar, scarlet, caetera, elsecar, accreta, lacerta, caserta, acaters, rescale, castera, cerates, accrete, saccata, secreta, creates, lasater, stealer.

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