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How to spell AIDDED correctly?

The correct spelling for "aidded" is "added". It can happen that we make mistakes while typing, so it is always advisable to proofread before submitting. Autocorrect or spell-check features can also be useful to avoid such mistakes.

List of suggestions on how to spell aidded correctly

  • added I added some sugar to the recipe to make it sweeter.
  • addend
  • adder I saw an adder slithering through the grass.
  • addled I was feeling a bit addled after the long day.
  • aide As a teacher, I rely on the aide to assist students with special needs in the classroom.
  • aided The use of technology aided the students in their learning process.
  • aides The president's aides advised him to consider the consequences of the proposed policy.
  • Ailed The old man believed that drinking herbal tea every morning ailed his arthritis.
  • Aimed
  • aired The program aired on television Thursday night.
  • bedded We bedded down for the night near the fire.
  • Budded I have a new budded plant.
  • Codded Mike was codded by the teacher for stealing her pencil.
  • Gadded I gadded around the city all day, exploring new neighborhoods and trying new restaurants.
  • Girded She girded her loins with Truth and Justice.
  • Hided
  • Idled The engine idled as the driver waited for her friends to come out of the store.
  • Kidded After she kidded me about how I needed to get more exercise, I followed her advice.
  • lidded The lidded jar kept the cookies fresh for weeks.
  • Nodded
  • padded I padded my shirt with some old fabric to make it fit better.
  • Podded The peas were ready to be harvested from the podded plants.
  • Raided Police raided the suspect's home and found illegal drugs.
  • Sided
  • sodded The lawn was sodded to cover the ground in the rain.
  • Tided After the flood waters receded, the volunteer crews tided the community park by picking up debris and cleaning the area.
  • Tidied
  • wadded I balled up the towel and wadded it up.
  • wedded After dating for several years, they decided to get wedded in a small ceremony with close family and friends.

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