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How to spell AMMUSE correctly?

If you're trying to type "ammuse" but keep getting it wrong, fear not! The correct spelling is "amuse". Simple typos happen to the best of us. Just remember to switch that extra 'm' with the letter 'u', and your amusement will be spelled correctly every time!

List of suggestions on how to spell ammuse correctly

  • abuse The newscaster reported on the horrific child abuse that had taken place in the local community.
  • accuse I do not want to accuse anyone without having evidence to support my claims.
  • am use
  • amuse Laughing is the best way to amuse yourself.
  • amused
  • amuses The clown's silly antics always amuses the children at the birthday party.
  • arouse The dramatic performance was meant to arouse strong emotions in the audience.
  • bemuse The professor's lecture on quantum physics did nothing but bemuse the students.
  • immune She's immune to the cold.
  • immure The cruel owner decided to immure his dog in a small cage for days.
  • meuse The Meuse River is a long and wide river in France.
  • mouse Bruce shook the cobwebs off the old mouse trap and set it again.
  • muse I am a muse for your creative genius.

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