How to Pronounce amuse?

Correct pronunciation for the word "amuse" is [ɐmjˈuːs], [ɐmjˈuːs], [ɐ_m_j_ˈuː_s].

"Amuse" in context

Amusement is an activity that provides enjoyment. It is a form of entertainment, involving activities such as playing games, going to amusement parks, watching movies, and playing sports.

Amusement can help improve mental and emotional well-being, as it can give people an enjoyable way to take a break from everyday stressors. It can also reduce depression and increase social interactions, as people often participate in activities with friends or family. Additionally, amusement can help boost creativity, offering an outlet for ideas and imagination.

It's important to find the right balance of amusement, however.

What are similar-sounding words for amuse?


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