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How to spell BAHE correctly?

If you typed "bahe" instead of "bake", "babe" or "base", automatic suggestions may help you. Depending on the context, it could provide correct options such as "bake a cake", "Hey babe" or "paint the base". Always rely on these suggestions to correct misspellings and enhance communication accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell bahe correctly

  • AHE
  • babe
  • bade He bade his guests farewell and wished them a safe journey.
  • BAE I can't wait to see my bae tomorrow, we have so much fun together.
  • bah After a long day at work, I sat down on the couch and let out a loud "bah" of exhaustion.
  • BAH The sheep bleated "bah" as the shepherd herded them into the pen.
  • Baha Baha is a common nickname for the name Bahram.
  • baht The price of the meal was 500 baht.
  • bake I'm going to bake a loaf of fresh bread for dinner tonight.
  • bale We stacked the newly harvested hay into a neat bale.
  • bane Mosquitoes are the bane of my existence during outdoor summer activities.
  • bare She walked across the hot sand with her feet completely bare.
  • base The company decided to open a new manufacturing base in a different country.
  • bate The fisherman used a live minnow as bait to attract larger fish.
  • bathe After a long day at the beach, she was eager to bathe in the refreshing ocean water.
  • beige The walls in the living room are painted in a calming shade of beige.
  • BHE
  • Brahe Tycho Brahe was a Danish astronomer known for his precise observations and measurements of the stars.
  • Mahé

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