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How to spell BURRIE correctly?

The misspelling "burrie" could possibly be corrected to "buried" or "berry". "Buried" refers to something that has been buried and is no longer visible, while "berry" refers to a small edible fruit. It's important to carefully proofread and edit any written work to catch and correct misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell burrie correctly

  • barre During my ballet class, we worked at the barre to improve our balance and technique.
  • barrie
  • barrier
  • barrio I grew up in a barrio in East Los Angeles.
  • berried The mountain ash tree was heavily berried, attracting flocks of birds to its branches.
  • Berries I saw a bunch of berries on the ground.
  • blurrier The more he tried to focus his eyes, the blurrier the text became.
  • brie Brie is a soft, spreadable cheese that is usually served cold.
  • buried
  • buries He buries his feelings deep down inside.
  • burr The dog had a large burr on its back.
  • burred
  • Burring The sound of the saw was burring as it cut through the thick log.
  • burrito My uncle's house always smells like he's cooking a delicious burrito.
  • burro I saw a burro on my hike through the mountains.
  • burrow The rabbit created a burrow under the shrub to hide from predators.

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