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How to spell BURRIEDS correctly?

If you've misspelled "burrieds", fear not! The correct spelling is actually "buried". It's an easy mistake to make, but remembering to omit that extra "r" will ensure your writing is accurate. Don't worry, even the best of us slip up occasionally. Just remember to double-check before hitting that "send" button!

List of suggestions on how to spell burrieds correctly

  • barriers The construction of the new bridge will help to eliminate the barriers that currently separate the two communities.
  • berried I picked a handful of berried branches to use as decorations for the winter table centerpiece.
  • berries I love picking fresh berries in the summer and making delicious smoothies with them.
  • buried He buried the treasure in a secret location.
  • buries He carefully buries his treasure in the backyard.
  • burred The burred edges of the leaf indicated that it had been chewed on by insects.
  • Burris I invited Burris to join us for dinner tonight.
  • burritos I ordered two mouthwatering burritos for lunch from my favorite Mexican restaurant.
  • curried I ordered a delicious plate of curried chicken for dinner.
  • curries I love to indulge in spicy, flavorful curries from various cuisines around the world.
  • furriers My sister loves browsing the furriers' collection of luxurious coats and accessories.
  • hurried Realizing he was late for his meeting, he hurriedly grabbed his coat and rushed out the door.
  • hurries She hurries through the park, trying to make it to the bus stop before the rain starts.
  • marrieds The marrieds celebrated their anniversary with a romantic dinner.

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