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How to spell COTURNUS correctly?

If you're having trouble with the misspelling "coturnus", there are a few possible correct suggestions. One option could be "coturnix", which is a genus of birds commonly known as quail. Alternatively, "cornus" refers to a type of shrub or tree. Lastly, "cutaneous" pertains to the skin. Double-check your intended meaning to find the right term.

List of suggestions on how to spell coturnus correctly

  • Catullus Catullus was a Roman poet known for his passionate verses.
  • Churns The washing machine violently churns the clothes with its powerful spin cycle.
  • Citrus I love the refreshing taste of citrus fruits, especially oranges.
  • Clotures The senator called for a series of clotures to restrict the debate on the controversial bill.
  • Columbus Christopher Columbus is known for his exploration of the Americas.
  • Columns The ancient Greek temple was held up by sturdy marble columns.
  • Corns I prefer to wear comfortable shoes to avoid developing any painful corns on my feet.
  • Corpus The forensic team found a small corpus of evidence at the crime scene.
  • Corvus The corvus, a genus of birds that includes crows and ravens, is highly intelligent and known for its problem-solving abilities.
  • Coteries The wealthy socialite surrounded herself with exclusive coteries, only allowing those who met her strict criteria into her inner circle.
  • Cottbus Cottbus is a city in eastern Germany known for its picturesque architecture and beautiful landscapes.
  • Cottons I went shopping and bought a pack of soft cottons for my skincare routine.
  • Counts She carefully counts the money before depositing it in the bank.
  • Courses I am currently enrolled in several online courses to expand my knowledge and skill set.
  • Courts The judge oversees all cases that come before the courts.
  • Cursus The intense cursus of study at the university left me exhausted but well-prepared for my future career.
  • Journos I saw a group of journos gathering outside the courthouse, eagerly waiting for news to report.
  • Mourns The entire nation mourns the loss of its beloved leader.
  • Nocturnes I love listening to Chopin's Nocturnes in the evening; they create a peaceful and calming atmosphere.
  • Nocturns The pianist captivated the audience with her exquisite performance of Chopin's Nocturns.
  • Outruns The cheetah, known for its incredible speed, easily outruns its prey during the chase.
  • Returns The company experienced record returns on their latest product launch.
  • Torturous The long and torturous wait for the test results was excruciating.
  • Turns After many turns, we finally arrived at our destination.
  • Upturns There have been recent economic upturns that have resulted in job growth and increased consumer confidence.

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