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How to spell CRAKER correctly?

If you're looking to correct the misspelling "craker", there are a few possibilities to consider. It could be "cracker", referring to a crispy snack. Another option may be "craker", which could be corrected to "cracker" or even "crake", which means a small marsh bird. Ensure to use the appropriate term based on the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell craker correctly

  • cake
  • canker The persistent canker sore in his mouth made it difficult for him to eat.
  • CARER My sister is a dedicated CARER, she spends most of her time looking after our elderly mother.
  • corker Last night's game was a real corker, with both teams giving it their all until the very end.
  • cracked
  • crackers I love snacking on crackers with cheese.
  • crater
  • Creaked The old floorboards creaked under the weight of the heavy furniture.
  • creakier I'm feeling a bit more creepy again, and the doorhandle is definitely creakier than usual.
  • crier The town crier made the announcement about the upcoming festival.
  • Croaked I croaked when I sneezed.
  • rake I need to rake the leaves in front of the house.

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