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How to spell DENTO correctly?

The misspelling "dento" can be corrected by considering some possible correct suggestions. These include "dental", "dentist", "dent", and "dentate". It is important to double-check the spelling before using any of these words to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

List of suggestions on how to spell dento correctly

  • Benito
  • bent He bent down to pick up the coin on the ground.
  • cent I found a penny on the ground and picked it up, grateful for the one cent addition to my pocket.
  • dante Dante Alighieri was an Italian poet famous for his epic poem "The Divine Comedy".
  • danton
  • debt
  • debtor The debtor was unable to pay the remaining balance on the loan.
  • deft The chef demonstrated his deft knife skills while preparing the meal.
  • deity The deity is the one who inspires the believers to do good things.
  • den Tom has a den in his living room filled with all sorts of animal figurines.
  • Dena Dena won the award for best actress.
  • DENG I lost my deng at the park.
  • Denny I'm going to call Denny later.
  • denote The letter "S" can denote a hissing sound.
  • DENS The dens in the forest were home to many animals.
  • dent The accident left a large dent in the side of my car.
  • dental I need to book a dental appointment for a checkup.
  • dented My car was dented when I was hit by the other car.
  • dentin The dentin is the hard, dense tissue that forms the bulk of a tooth.
  • dents I got three dents in my car from hitting that curb.
  • deny I deny that I ever took anything from him.
  • DEPT My office is on the first floor in the DEPT.
  • dingo The dingo is a wild dog that is found predominantly in Australia.
  • Dino Dino is short for dinosaur, which roamed the earth millions of years ago.
  • dint She made a dint in the wall with the hammer.
  • ditto
  • gent The gent in the suit offered to carry her bags.
  • Gentoo Justin is using Gentoo Linux.
  • Into Let's go into the city.
  • kent
  • lent I lent her my favorite book.
  • lento I enjoy listening to lento music when I need to relax.
  • mentor I am looking for a mentor to help me navigate my career path.
  • Onto We're going to onto the pier.
  • pent The dog chased the cat through the pent-up wildfire.
  • rent
  • sent I sent a letter to my grandmother last week.
  • tent I pitched my tent next to the lake.
  • tents She had pitched her tents on the edge of the forest.
  • Unto Unto thee I entrust all my hopes and aspirations.
  • vent Please let the vent close.
  • Went

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