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How to spell EDITER correctly?

If you're trying to find the correct spelling for "editer", you may be referring to the word "editor". This term is used to identify someone who edits or revises written material. So, "editor" would be the accurate and appropriate choice for the misspelling "editer."

List of suggestions on how to spell editer correctly

  • Dater The dater was disappointed when her blind date turned out to be a complete disaster.
  • deter The warning sign is meant to deter people from swimming in the dangerous river.
  • Dieter Dieter is the new CEO of our company.
  • Doter She is such a doter on her grandchildren, always showering them with love and affection.
  • eater The picky eater refused to try anything new at the restaurant.
  • edger I need to sharpen my edger before I start cutting the grass.
  • Edifier I aspire to be an edifier in the community.
  • edit
  • edited I edited my essay before submitting it for grading.
  • Edith Edith loves spending time in her garden, tending to her flowers and vegetables.
  • editor I would like to submit an article for the editor's consideration.
  • editors The editors made significant changes to the manuscript before publication.
  • edits I made a few edits to your essay to clarify your argument.
  • eider The eider is a large seabird that nests on land.
  • elite The elite know better than to venture out after dark.
  • emitter The radio tower is the emitter of the broadcast signal.
  • enter I can't enter the room.
  • ester I synthesized an ester in chemistry lab today.

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