Correct spelling for GID

We think the word gid is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for gid

  • aid There was thus no hope, except in aid from England.
  • bid Can you not conceive my going there, in the dead of that dreadful night, to look my last upon it-to bid my church good-bye?"
  • gad " Gad, it is just the time for the new almanacs, and Allen wants men to sell 'em.
  • gd Greece GR GR GRC 300 . gr Greenland GL GL GRL 304 . gl Grenada GJ GD GRD 308 . gd Guadeloupe GP GP GLP 312 . gp Guam GQ GU GUM 316 . gu Guatemala GT GT GTM 320 . gt Guernsey GK - - - . gg ISO includes with the United Kingdom
  • gi Gi’n one of those sticks lands on that building there’ll be dead men inside.
  • gig The tide carried him along well, and as he made the water foam with his vigorous strokes, he took in the fact that Glyddyr was standing up in the gig, and that his companion was gesticulating and calling upon the men to row back.
  • gild How fantastic and unreal his aunt's theories seemed to him, reveries contrived just to gild the gaps of a broken life, a dramatisation of emptiness and self-importance.
  • gin "Weel, a' we can dae noo, Weelum, gin we haena mickle brichtness in oor ain hames, is tae keep the licht frae gaein' oot in anither hoose.
  • gird Both sides used to gird on their armor, and meet in battles that began in bloodshed and often ended in death.
  • grid It made a whirlwind, bringing more sand from outside the grid into its field.
  • i'd I'd like somebody to tell me!
  • kid It shows up the characteristic of the Yedo kid well."
  • lid Louise, who had gone mechanically to raise the lid of a kettle beginning to boil over, looked round at his last words.
  • mid He overtook Geographe and Naturaliste at King's Island the day the Naturaliste parted company with the Geographe on the former returning to France, and as an officer of the colony was going passenger in her, the mid.
  • rid Roy Lovenant-Smith appeared to be so relieved at being rid of a perplexity that he didn't much care if they never met again.
  • Cid The Cid faced them bravely-I heard the distant huzza of the Huguenots-and I put aside one point which threatened my throat.
  • Did 12,681. Did you think Mr. Robertson would not have given it to you on credit?
  • Ged Ged, sir, I haven't known ye long, but I have far too high an opinion of ye to suppose ye could do anything so foolish.
  • Gide Galsworthy, John, 9, 95, 184, 214-216, 317 Garvin, J. L., 291, 305 Gauguin, 282 Gaunt, Mary, 276 Gautier, Theophile, 139 George V, King, 317 Georges, Mlle., 99 German Colonial expansion, 30 Gide, Andre, 66, 155 Gift-Books, Royal, 68 Gil Blas, 259 Gilchrist, R. Murray, 87, 94, 117 Gladstone, Lord, 157 W. E., 51 Glasgow libraries, censorship in the, 192 Glyn, Elinor, 10, 271-277, 289 Goethe, 19 Gogol, 117, 208 Gorky, Maxim, 224 Gould, Jay, 193 Grahame, Kenneth, 57 Grosvenor library, the, 106
  • Git Wal, this feller, 'fore he died, got the Mission'ry on his trail, an' got religion; but he couldn't git dead clear o' his med'cine, an' he got to prophesyin'.
  • Hid Sikaso, a faithful Krooman, hid it for us when we could not carry it away.
  • Yid What we have to say to Europe is not only that "we are all the descendants of immigrants"; we go forward and say that the hunkie, the wop, the bohunk, the big dumb Swede, the yid, the Polack, and all the later immigrants, created billions of our wealth, built our railroads and pipe lines and generators and motor cars and highways and telephone systems; and that we are getting our laws, our movies, our dentistry, our poems, our news stories, our truck gardening, and a thousand other necessities of life, from immigrants and from first generation descendants of immigrants; and that they are respected and rewarded, as richly as a child of the DAR or the FFV's would be in the same honored and needed professions; we have to give to Europeans statistical proof of their fellow-countrymen's value to us, and cite the high places they occupy, the high incomes they enjoy, the high honors we give them; all these things are true and have to be said, so that Europe knows why America understands her people, why we can, without smugness or arrogance, talk to all the people of Europe.
  • Sid Luckily, a house was near, and a man seeing the accident hastened to offer more efficient help than any the girls had wit enough to give in the first flurry, as all four only flapped wildly at Sid with their handkerchiefs, and exclaimed excitedly,- "What shall we do?
  • Gil On reading Gil Blas the other day-I am no great reader, as you may remember-I was struck by that part in which the dear Santillane assures us that there was never any love between him and Laura the actress.
  • god God have mercy on her!"
  • ID 3, 115. 692 Id.

2 words made from the letters gid

3 letter words made from gid:

igd, dig.

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