How to Pronounce gad?

Correct pronunciation for the word "gad" is [ɡˈad], [ɡˈad], [ɡ_ˈa_d].

"Gad" in context

Gad refers to a technology device or product that is used for entertainment, leisure or productivity. Gadgets are becoming increasingly popular, not just amongst the younger generations, but amongst people of all ages. The term "gadget" encompasses any device that serves a particular purpose - from smart phones, tablets and laptops to e-readers, gaming consoles, digital cameras and virtual reality devices.

Gadgets come in a multitude of different forms, sizes and shapes and offer a plethora of different functions. For example, laptops offer a large variety of computer-based applications, are relatively lightweight and can be used anywhere.

What are similar-sounding words for gad?


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